Pool Party



Pool Party


All characters in this story are at least 18 years of age


My eyebrows raised, and a smile crossed my face as I read the E-vite to my friend Ed's semi annual pool party.   And, all the memories of the last time we attended, came flooding back.  


Ed's place is just a few miles from a small city, but the house sits on 5 acres of secluded land, down a long driveway, with 100% privacy, perfect for a pool/sex party.


Ed answered the doorbell, completely naked, and welcomed us inside.   "Hey, good to see you guys !  Is this little Sara ?  I would have hardly recognized her, she's grown so much.   Everybody's out in back.   Hurry and get out of those clothes.   The party's in already in full swing.   We went into one of he bedrooms and quickly stripped down.  


Typical of any young girl, Sara was feeling shy about being seen without any clothes, even though I have taken her to nude beaches and always tried to teach her to be comfortable with nudity.   Never the less, she kept a big beach towel wrapped securely around her.


As we headed towards the back yard,  we encountered a man walking towards us.   "Hi !  My name's Al. "  "Hi," I said.   "This is Sara, and my name is Dan. "  "Well, she's certainly a little cutie.


    You'll want to keep an eye on her,"  Al said !  "Hang on just a minute,"  Al said, as he dashed into the kitchen.   When he returned, he placed a tablet in my hand.    


"What's this," I asked ?  "Cialis.   Gets you ready for anything," he said, laughing.   I'm in charge of favors.   If you need anything else, just let me know. "

"Thanks, I'll do that,"  I said.   "Go on out back.   Things are getting pretty wild, already.   I'll bring out some cold drinks.   It was obvious that Al had already taken a Cialis, because he was sporting a non stop hard on, the entire time we were talking.  


As we went through the sliding doors that opened onto the deck, the first thing we saw was a girl on her knees, sucking a man's cock.   He was casually chatting with another guy, while they both stared at the girl with her little hands holding the man's cock, and sliding as much of it as she could, in and out of her mouth.  


Suddenly, the man stopped talking, in mid sentence.   His body stiffened, and then convulsed, as he pumped a hot load of cum into the girl's mouth.

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    I could see that she was an expert, gulping and swallowing as fast as she could, not wanting to waste a drop.   Then, as soon as the man pulled his cock out of her mouth, the guy he had been talking to took his place and shoved his cock into  the girl's mouth.


"I think we're going to have a lot of fun, today," I said to Sara, who was still clinging to me, not exactly convinced.   Then, I noticed Al making his rounds, all around the back yard, stopping at each girl, where he applied a lighter flame to a glass pipe, and gave each girl a long drag on it.   As each girl blew out a big cloud of white smoke, Al moved on to the next girl.


"Here you go, sweetheart," Al said, when he got to Sara.   "This will make a tiger out of you !"  And, Al laughed.   Sara drew the smoke into her lungs, then slowly exhaled.   Almost immediately, she let go of me, removed the beach towel that she'd been holding so tightly around her, and went skipping down the steps of the deck and around the swimming pool.   Al laughed again and said,  "I told you so !"  HIs still hard dick was bobbing up and down as he walked away.   I popped the Cialis tablet into my mouth and took a chug of my beer.


As, I scanned the pool and the back yard area, I counted a total of 18 men and 14  girls, all naked, and all in various stages of fucking or sucking or talking with their next soon-to-be sex partner.


Sara, suddenly Miss Congeniality, was jabbering away with a man who was kicked back in a chaise lounge.

  "You're a pretty girl.   What's your name," the man asked her ?  "My name is Sara," she said, proudly.

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    "That's a very pretty name.   And, I'm Hal,"he said.   "Hi, Hal !"  


"Say, how would you like to climb up here and sit in my lap,"  Hal asked her ?  "I don't know," Sara shrugged.   "Oh, come on," Hal said.   "It'll be fun, I promise !"  Sara climbed aboard, placing her knee on either side of Hal's legs.   "That's it.   Now, I'm going to show you a little trick that will be fun, and it will feel really good, okay," Hal said ?  "Um, okay," Sara said, and she shrugged again.


Hal picked up a bottle of lube that was lying on the ground beside his chair, and squirted a little of it onto the head of his dick.   "Now, you be a good girl and rub that all around, okay ?  That's great, perfect. "  HIs cock was instantly hard, as soon as Sara touched it.   "Now, here's a towel to wipe off your hands.     Now, I'm going to have you wrap your arms around my neck. "  Then, Hal pulled her up close so that she was lying on top of him, so that her little cunny exactly even with his cock head.


"There, now, doesn't that feel good, Hal said, enthusiastically ?  Sara just nodded her head and began moving her hips up and down, hypnotized by the tingling sensations in her little clit.   After a minute, Hal said, "You're a big girl.

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    I'll bet you'd like to go for a ride !"  Sara grinned and shrugged.   "Let's try it," Hal said.


Hal placed his flat hand underneath his throbbing dick, raising it up just enough for Sara to be able to mount it.   Hal looked completely surprised when Sara pushed her cunny down onto the head of his cock, and started right in riding him.  


Another man stepped up and stood straddling the chaise lounge, pulling on his dick and watching Hal and Sara going at it, a look of ecstasy on Hal's face as Sara bucked her hips up and down on his cock, until Hal grabbed Sara's hips, his entire body jerking, as he fired his load into her.  


As Sara slowly raised herself up, Hal's cock flopped out of her cunt, leaving a gaping hole.   The man straddling the chaise lounge, immediately took a couple steps forward, pushed Sara's shoulders down with one hand, and plunged his stiff cock into her cunny.   At first, she was startled, but she instinctively pushed her ass into the air to meet his thrusts.   Hal held onto her and stroked her hair, talking softly to her, while the man continued to pound her cunny.   Then, just as suddenly as he had plunged his cock into her, he pulled it out, and he strolled away, looking around for his next conquest.


I was standing in the shallow end of the swimming pool, by the steps, watching another man, who was also standing in the pool, his head buried between a girl's legs as she sat on a towel at the pool's edge, leaning back on her hands, with her legs spread wide.   The more he tongue fucked her cunny and nibbled on her clit, the louder she moaned.   My Cialis had definitely kicked in.


Another girl was standing tentatively on the pool steps.   "Come on in.

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    It's really nice," I said.   "I'm kind of afraid of the deep water," she said.   "Oh, well, let me carry you, then," I said.   With one arm around her little butt, I scooped her up and swung her around, over the water, then slowly proceeded to walk a little deeper into the pool.


"There.   How's that," I asked her ?  "Fine," she said, although she kept her hands locked around the back of my neck.   As I carried her around in the water, being sure to not go too far into the deep end of the pool, I could feel my prick rubbing up and down her ass crack, and getting harder with every step.


When I finally got her to relax a little, I pressed the head of my prick against her swollen, hairless, little mound, working it up and down until my cock head popped inside of her.

  She let out a little yelp, then giggled.   "You okay, sweetie,"  I asked her ?  She just nodded her head.   "How does that feel, good," I asked ?  "Yeh, it feels really good," she said, pushing herself farther down onto my thick cock !


I continued slowly walking around the shallow end of the pool, letting all the men get a good view of her bouncing up and down on my prick.   I wanted them all to see my thick cock pulling her tight little cunny inside out, then see her shiver as she greedily pushed herself back down onto it, keeping up a steady rhythm.  


When I was ready to cum, I leaned back against the side of the pool, and grabbed her hips in each hand, very slowly raising her up and down, up and down on my cock.   "Oh !  Oh," I gasped, again and again, as I blasted stream after stream of hot cum deep inside her little belly.  


"Oh, man, you are one hot little lady," I exclaimed to her, as I climbed the steps of the pool, her cunt still impaled on my throbbing cock.

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    I happened to see an air mattress with a sheet thrown over it, over on the far side of the yard.   I carried her over there and carefully laid her down, still keeping my cock inside her.   Then, I pushed her legs up beside her head and resumed fucking her, smiling at how much she was loving it, lolling her head back and forth and occasionally slapping her hands down onto the air mattress.


Several men had gathered around, drawn by her loud moans, stroking their cocks as they watched me stretching her cunny and driving her wild.   But, my cock was temporarily spent.   So, I motioned to another big dicked guy to take my place.  


I rolled off  her, and the other guy dropped into position so fast that the girl hardly knew that we had traded places.   His cock was almost average length, but super thick.   And, It was really hot to watch him alternating between slowly working his cock in and out of her, then pounding it balls deep, his thighs slapping against her little ass cheeks, and his ball sack smacking her lower back.


She moaned almost continuously, as 5 guys, in all, took turns drilling her and packing her little cunt full of cum.


By now, I guess Al decided that the party was starting to flag a little, so he made another round, offering up a small mirror and short straws for the men, and administering another drag on the glass pipe for each of the girls.   Not surprisingly, it was like a jolt of electricity, throwing everybody back into high gear.


The cock sucking girl up on the deck, still on her knees, hadn't moved out of her spot, preferring to have an endless succession of men come to her and contribute to her voracious appetite for cock and cum, while other men cheered her on and waited their turn.


All good things have to come to an end.   And, on one of my trips through the house, to hit the bathroom, I was surprised to look at the kitchen clock and see that it was almost 8 PM.

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Although a lot of the guys and girls were still going strong, I decided that it was time for us to go home.   So, I scooped up Sara and carried her upstairs where we shared a quick shower before getting dressed and heading out.   Even then, Sara was teasing my cock, pulling and sucking on it.   "Just wait until I get you home. " I said, pretending to scold her, as she giggled, knowingly !





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