Me and Sam


I was so bored. My mom and dad were out of town so I was stuck at home for the weekend. I called my best friend Sam to see if he could come over. He said he could and he got dropped off at about three that afternoon. The doorbell rang as I walked down the stairs to let him in. I opened the door to see him.

Sam and I had been friends since about second grade and we had really clicked. But everything had always been so stricltly platonic, never more-never gay. We were just really good guy-friends. We really were there for eachother through everything. Several breakups and other problems, nothing had been as important as our friendship. We had recently both turned sixteen.

I opened the door as he walked in with a cool, "Hey, man. Wassup?".

I replied laughedly, "Nothing much. Glad you could come.



He laughed. "Me too!"

He wore a red t-shirt, a blue ball-cap and baggy black gym shirts. Sam was tall, about my heighth, with medium brown hair that flipped out at the end. He had deep brown eyes and a winning smile. He had a slim figure and was walking up the stairs as we walked to my room.

He had a small overnite bag that he set down in the room as we turned around and walked to the living room. We watched tv and talked guy-stuff. The day had gone great. It sure beat sitting home alone. I looked out the window and noticed that it was getting dark.

"Dude, you wanna order a pizza?" I offered.

"Yeah!" He smiled.

So we ordered in and continued laughing and joking.


Nearly an hour later we had downed an entire pizza and about six sodas. I looked over at the clock and noticed it was about eleven.

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   Sam yawned and declared that he was tired so we cleaned up the kitchen and the dining room and headed to my room. He sat on the edge of my bed and laughed and talked for about another half hour.

He then stood and walked to his overnite bag and unzipped it.

"Dang!" He said. "I forgot a toothbrush. You got one I can use?"

"Sure, man, come on. " I said as I walked to the bathroom.

I entered the spare bathroom in the hall and bent over to pick out a toothbrush from the unopened pack under the sink. As I popped back up I had not estimated my destination point and I was right in his face. Our lips almost touched. The world seemed to stop. Our hearts leapt as I took a leap of faith and kissed him. It was so unexpected, so wild, so raunchy.

He looked at me and gasped. "Wow!"


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  " I replied.

He took the next leap and kissed me back, more explorative. His tongue entered my mouth as my heart leapt wildly. The feeling was perfect. We wrapped our arms around eachother as we enjoyed the moment. I broke our kiss and grabbed his hand and led him to my room and shut the door behind us. I entered another kiss as we wrapped our arms back around eachother.

I knew then that I saw him in a different light. I saw a sexy boy, so adorable, so fuckable. I saw someone who I could love.

We kissed for what seemed like hours. I gripped at the bottom of his t-shirt and lifted it off of his upperbody. He stood shirtless, his completely shaven body made me want to come right there.

"You like?" He said.

I looked him over several times.

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   I looked at the beautiful boy standing in gym shorts before me, so sexy, so provocative. I replied. "No. I love!"

I leant down and began to suck on his left nipple. I looked up and saw an expression of sheer pleasure wash over his face. I began to finger the other one with the hand that was not groping his butt. His butt was so perfect, just like him.

I felt the puckering dark pink circles harden further and I knew he was ready. I stood before him as he looked at me.

"I want your shirt off too. " He said cutely.

"Deal" I replied softly.

He took my grey v-neck from my body and returned the sheer ecstacy of nipple sucking to me. We hugged and kissed. some more.

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   He began to play with my butt as we higged more.

I hooked my thumbs inside the gym shorts on his body and sent them to the floor. He had white low-rise boy-cut briefs that were cut right below the butt and looked so sexy on him. I noticed his giant bulge in his underwear. I tickled the bulge with four of my fingers and watched and felt the hardness increase.

He did the same with my cuttoff jeans. I had on a the same type of underwear. I rubbed our bodies together. I took a deep breath as I stripped his underwear from his legs. His penis popped out from its restrained position and beckoned me. It was so beautifully constructed and perfect. His shaved pubic area was so sexy. I looked behind him and saw his amazing butt.

He then took my underwear off as my penis was released. My pubic area was also shaven.

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"Let me see you. " He said.

He looked me over and said, "Dude! You are hot. "

I kissed him and replied. "Not as hot as you dude!"

I sank down on my knees and began to toy his toys. His erection was huge. I placed the tip of his hot penis in my mouth. I moved it farther in my mouth. Coating it in my saliva. He moaned and groaned in sheer pleasure. This went on for two minutes or so as I felt some delicious pre-cum entered my throat.

He was screaming at the top of his lungs and his penis bulged and pulsated and exploded a load of beautifully hot cum into my mouth. I swallowed as a few smaller loads spurted from his penis. I loved it.

"Dude!," he screamed, "That was amazing! I want more!"

"Then more you can have.

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I bent him over the bed looked at his butt. I gently massaged his butt. I pressed my nose in between the cheeks of his butt and inhaled the musky, sexy aroma. He gasped at the awesome pleasure we were both having. I began to lick his butt softly, entering the hole, loving the male taste of his butt, of him.

It was so amazing to feel so amazingly male. To be so close with another guy. It was the most epic feeling ever. After the tight pink hole was generously moistened I posititioned myself and placed my penis at the entrace to his hole. I counted back from three and entered gently. He gasped slightly with a mixture of pain and pleasure. My speed increased as his hips jolted in sync with the thrusts of my penis. Within minutes I was going so fast my balls slapped against the base of his butt. We were both screaming with pleasure as I exploded in his butt. We cried out in awesome pleasure.

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I leant down and licked up the mess.

He looked at me. I pulled out of his butt and he turned around as he picked up some of my cum and put it in his mouth. The sexy gesture was so amazing. I loved it!

"Your turn, dude!" he said.

"Okay. " I said excitedly. "I would love that. "

He fixed me on my knees in the middle of my room on the floor and fixed himself behind me. I gasped as I felt his penis enter my butt. The same ritual occured over and over. The feeling was wonderful. He placed his hands on my hips as we jolted and rammed and gyrated. The feeling was amazing as his penis exploded inside me. His face red he sunk to my butt and licked up his butt and I found a nice cum snack too.

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We stood up and kissed and massaged. I turned back the bed as we climbed in. We wrapped in eachother's arms and climaxed through several more butt sex sessions through the night. Followed by several blow jobs and another all out boy sex session the next day. We were so connected and naked and we were that way for every weekend for the next three years in high school. When we went to college we got an apartment together as our sex life was more and more frequent. I loved him completely. His beautiful body. .



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