My Daughter Finds Me Out


I had been separated from my husband living with my boyfriend in Athens Georgia. We had a very open relationship which is one reason I loved him so much. Steve and I understood right off that if it made me feel good I should do it. Not only that but Steve often set me up to play and enjoy weeklong outings sometimes. Well, Steve was gone and Diane was staying over with me. She was a bi girlfriend that loved to dominate me and gave me some of the best orgasms I have ever had. I did not know that my daughter was being dropped off on Friday since I had not checked messages lately. My soon to be Ex dropped her off at 8 P. M. and Kathy came in the back door and did not know Diane and I were in bed in the middle of making love.
Kathy was a younger version of me but she had not blossomed as much as I did as young as I did. She was taller a little and as I am 4'10" she is 5' 5" and a nice 36DD and a little plump but looks better since she is taller. My 44EEE tits look even bigger with my short buxom frame. Well, I make a lot of noise when I have an orgasm and was in the midle of one when Kathy came in and Diane and I heard "Oh hell mom, what is this, oh hell, I can't believe it!!!" That really stopped everything and Diane and I got up and threw on robes and went out to the living room to find Kathy on the couch now watching a video of lesbians in and orgy we had left playing. She was crying and yet watching it at the same time. Diane and I stood in the hallway watching her and we had our arms around each other waiting to see what happened.

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Finally she looked up and saw us and stopped crying and came to me, "Mommy, is this why you left Daddy? You are a lesbian?" She was now 18 and I thought she needed to know the truth. "No dearest, I am Bi, that means I. . . " I said and she inturuppeted me, "I know what Bi is Mommy, she said, "And is this your girlfriend?" she said. "Yes dearest, this is Diane and before you ask, Steve knows all about everything. " "Oh, okay. " she said and had sat back on the couch, her eyes going back to the TV which was now showing 3 women on 1 that was much younger that the 3. I sat on one side of Kathy and Diane got us wine coolers. She sat on the other side and handed them to us and we began sipping them. Kathy looked at us, our robes not all the way closed and asked, "So this feels good then?" she asked. "Oh yes Hun, it feels great with the right lover. " I said. "And Diane is a good lover?" she asked again sipping the wine. I leaned towards Diane in front of my daughter and she leaned to me, our robes falling open and we kissed a deep tongue kiss, long and slow.

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   As our mouth parted a string of saliva hung between our mouths. Kathy was holding her breath.
We sat back up and my robe was fully open and my nipples hard again. Diane reached across and took one in her hand and began twisting my nipple making it get harder and making me moan. Kathy got up suddenly breaking us apart. "I still don't believe this is happening" she almost shouted. "Well Kathy, I can call your Dad to come get you if you want me to. " I said, "Just don't tell him. " She looked at us and stood there, "No, I mean I can't believe I am seeing my mother and her girlfriend lover fooling around and almost naked and I am getting excited. " she said. It was then that Diane said, "Teresa dear, look at her nipples, they are as hard as rocks. " I looked and they were straining against her bra. "So this is exciting dear?" I said. "Yes Mommy, it is making me all wet. " she said.

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   I stood and reached for her blouse and took it over her head as she lifted her arms to let me take it off. I stepped behind her and undid her bra freeing her breasts and while I had done that Diane stood in front of her to catch them as they fell from their restraint. Diane took hem in her mouth as soon as they were free and began sucking them Kathy sighed and moaned and I pulled her jeans and panties off and began kissing her bottom. She was between us moaning and giving wimpers of excitement as we kissed and sucked all over her young body. We stood and now all 3 of us were naked. "I think we should go to bed, don't you?" said Diane. I said, "Yes, what about you Kathy?" and Kathy shook her head and we walked to the bedroom. We laid her between us and then began kissing her, first one then the other.
I told her to lay back and enjoy and she did as we each took a tit in our mouth and began sucking, licking and biting the nipples. "Kathy" I whispered, "Are you still virgin Baby?" I asked her. "Well, yes, I guess so. I have kissed and played with a guy but it has never gone in me anywhere. " "Good hun, do you want to loose your virginity?" I asked her as my mouth found her clit. "Oh Mommy, oh that is good, Oh yes, Mommy, I want to be a real woman. " With that my tongue sank into her pussy and Diane began sucking her nipples and her hands massaged her tits frantically.

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   I was eating her pussy sucking in the virgin juices. "Oh mommy, o it feels good, oh mommy" she almost screamed and her virgin jucies sprayed all over my face. "I ate her through her orgasm and moved to Diane and switched places. "She is a squirter like me" I said and Diane dove to her pussy and began licking her and soon she was soaked also. "Mommy, can I do what you two did to me?" she said kissing me. "Yes dear" I said and laid back spreading my legs. She went to work eating me really good for a beginner and soon I sprayed her face then she moved over the Diane and began eating her. Diane was letting her know how good it was "Oh yes, my sweet little slut, eat that pussy, Your mommy loves to eat me too, she is good and not as good as your going to be, eat the cut for me baby. " Kathy soon was rewarded by Diane soaking her face with her orgasm.
We made love al night and fell asleep in each others arms. We woke up to Steve's voice, "Well, did I miss something?" he laughed and we all woke up. Kathy was the only one that tried to cover herself and Diane and I got up and kissed Steve. We undressd him as we kissed and soon he stood there with a nine inch cock fully erect. I motioned for Kathy to come to us and she stared at his cock. "Well, dear, do you still want to be a real woman?" I asked her.

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   "Yess, yes, I do. " she stammered. We moved Steve around to lay on his back on the bed and all of us began kissing and playing and soon Kathy was wet again. I moved her face to his cock and told her to begin licking it slowly all around the shaft and the head. She did and soon was licking on her own. I moved her and said, "Here, let me show you" and began sucking Steve deep into my throat. Steve was moving his hips against my face as I took him all the way down my throat. "Okay baby, sit on him now, he is ready for your pussy. " I said and she squated over the cock. I moved her to just the tip of it and positioned the head just between the pussy lips. "NOw baby, move up and dow slow and each time go a little further into your pussy. " I told her. She began doing as I said and soon she stopped, "It hurts Mommy. " she said. "That is okay baby, soon it will feeel good, soon it will al go in.

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  " She began again and again she stopped after it was further in. "Mommy, help me please. " she moaned. "Okay baby, now get ready and relax. " Okay" she said and Diane was behind her sitting on Steve's face asshe put her hands on Kathy's shoulders. I looked at her and then she pushed Kathy down all the way onto the the cock and she let out a cry but she stayed on it. At the same time Steve filled her pussy with cum making her squirm with the hot cum in her.
She began moving up and down now, "O more, give me more Steve, fuck me now, do me like your do MOmmy. " "Okay Baby" he said and turned her on her back with her legs spread and his cock in her. "Mommy, make him fuck me, make him Mommy. " she was crying out. Steve began pounding hard into her pussy and the blood of her virginity was flowing out on the bed sheets. He kept poundng away through several of Kathy's orgasms and then he again filled her pussy with his cum. They collapsed and laid together and Steve was kissing her. "Oh that was wonderful" she was moaning over and over again as we all got up and wet to the kitchen for some breakfast.

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   "Oh my god" she said as huge clobs of cum came out of her pussy and her blood ran down her legs. We all kissed and held her tight and I took her to the bathroom to clean her up. We came out and she looked at Steve, his cock half limp but still bloody and with cum all over it. "Mommy, you didn't clean up Steve" she said and I reached for a cloth but she dropped to her knees in front of him and took his cock into her mouth. Sucking him in and out as he grew each time his cock came out it was cleaner until he was clean and she was sucking him towards his orgasm. Finally he filled he mouth with cum and she did all she could to swallow it all but it dripped to her tits. Diane was lcking it from her and I grabbed Kathy and kissed her rough. I grabbed her tits hard and began pinching them harder making her cry out in pain. "After breakfast" I told her, "We learn to mix pain and pleasure. " She grabbed my nipples and pulled them hard, "Okay Mommy, anything you say. " we all ate really fast and went back to the bedroom. I opened the drawer and took out the toys we had there.



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