Me and my Father In law -13


Me and my Father In law – 13

By Jeevan  jeevan_1950@yahoo. com


I was enjoying the fucking in front of FIL’s old and horny friends. I watched them and saw that they all had their lunds out and were fisting them as they watched us fuck. Then I felt FIL’s lund expand and then contract. He was about to cum!

I dismounted FIL and took his lund in my hand, jacking him off so that he would spray his cum all over my face.

“Ohhh Baba! Cum on my face! I want to apply the cum-cream to my face and show your dirty friends how their Daughter in law’s should behave. How they should be sluts of FIL’s. Come on Baba!”

Baba sprayed his cum and first drop landed on my nose, running down to my lip and sides of my mouth. Other drops sprayed all over, on my chin, on my eyes, hair, cheeks and forehead. I put my hand and spread the cum all over my face as if it was a moisturizer, IT was! I lovingly took FIL’s lund in my mouth and licked away his cum and my juices. FIL asked me to follow him to the drawing room, naked! My heart throbbed as walked with him. This was the first stage of my debauchery. I had put on a show for his old friends. His friends welcomed us and Bhidekaka kissed my hand to show his appreciation. Bhosale kaka’s lund greeted me with precum.

“This is my real Bahu friends. Just now I fucked her in front of you and now she is part of our group. I will arrange each to fuck her separately with me and I know Seema will love this. She is my Randi and she will fuck any man if I tell her to.

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   Now she will show us how hot she is and how nice her choot is. Come on Seema start the game!”

I was standing in front of these old fellows and raised my hands to greet them.

“My uncles! My Kakas! I have been instructed to put on a show for you by my Baba. Please just watch me. Don’t touch me. I am available for you anytime when Baba  says. Ask Bhidekaka how tight my choot is. So hold your lund and watch me!”

I sat on the floor and spread my legs. My hairy choot showed clearly.

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   Some of my Father in laws cum was sticking to the choot hair and shining. I looked at them and licked my lips seductively. I stuck my tongue out and teased them. Bhosalekaka caught his lund and waved at me in appreciation. His lund was small, say 5 inches but was very hard. Kulkarnikaka was unzipping his pants and pulled out his erect pecker. He was thick and average. His lund was not circumcised and showed bunch of skin at the top. I caught my breasts and started to knead them invitingly. I moved my hand all over the two melons and then pinched my nipples. They were hard and standing out. I pushed my breasts up and tried to suck my own nipples. I had to bend my head and push my tongue out to lick them. it felt so nice! My own tongue tickled my nipples!

They appreciated this and Karnikkaka pulled his lund out and massaged it. He took the precum and licked it. Bhidekaka walked to my FIL and took his lund in his hand and fondled it. FIL’s lund was semi erect and Bhidekaka’s touch made it harder. I was watching another male handle others lund for the first time. They were not homosexuals but just did this for fun. FIL looked at me and winked.

This encouraged me more. My hands traveled to my stomach and moved on the soft skin. Then I traced my belly and concentrated on my belly button. I thrust my belly up and showed these dirty fellows how nice my belly button was. I circled my fingertip all around it and then put it in as if it was a tiny choot. I looked at Inamdarkaka who was still silent and invited him to take out his lund. He was a bit shy but unzipped his fly and fished out his lund. His lund was 6 inches but thin.

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   It was suitable for ass fucking! He caught his lund in his fist and began up and down motion. Now I had to show them my choot!

I spread my legs and exposed my hairy choot. I parted the hair and displayed my choot slit. My labia major are thick and fleshy and as I parted my slit I pulled them out. I massaged the labia and showed them how red it was. Labia minor are smaller and juicier! I moved my finger over them to caress them and then licked it! I put my finger to my mouth and taking my tongue out flicked it over the tip of my finger. This was to simulate licking of lund. That made all of them mad.

“ Seema please lick your finger as if it is a lund. You are teasing me!” Mr. Karnik said.

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“ YES Kaka! I am here to tease you. Just hold your lund and watch me. I have a surprise for you all if you watch me patiently. “

And I continued my ministrations. I put one finger in my choot and rotated it there. That tickled me and I moved my ass to show that my choot is getting hotter and hotter. The ass moved on its own, as I was a slut! I then spread my choot with both my hands and exposed my vaginal hole. I looked down and saw the pink hole in the center surrounded by the fleshy muscles. I put one finger of each hand inside my choot and pulled them aside. This opened the choot and showed the inside territory of my womanhood. My choot was wet and more of the choot honey flowed out as my fingers touched it.

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   Then I pushed my middle finger deep in my choot and started to fuck myself.   I was doing this for the first time and it felt so weird! I was a slut and putting on a show! This thought made me hot and I fingered my choot frantically.

“Come on Seema show them your clitoris!” FIL called out.

I had forgotten my clitty! Yes this showing off was so stimulating that I did not feel the need to rub my poor clitty. But FIL reminded me that I had a clit too. With the other hand I traced my clit. I found it peeking out of its sheath and engrossed with blood. I caught it in my thumb and forefinger and massaged it from above the sheath. Ohhhhhhhhh! This sent waves of pleasure throughout my body and my finger moved fast in my choot.

Bhidekaka, “ Ohhhhhh! Look at her clit! It’s so big. My bahu’s is smaller than Seema’s. Ohhhh! I am going to make Neelam show you doing this. OR should I call Seema too? Both will put on a show for us!”

“ Ohhhhhh! Bhide! You too fuck your Bahu? Then let’s make a programme. I have a keep and she is willing to do anything. I will bring her next time. ” Bhosale said.

  • 5pt" class="MsoNormal">“You are welcome Bhosale. Bring her along next time. ” FIL said.

    This was getting interesting! I massaged my clitty and finger-fucked my choot frantically. I was about to cum! I inserted two more fingers in my choot and started to fuck myself. My fingers made faacchhhhhhh faaccchhhhh sound as my choot was wet. I moaned loudly,

    “ Ohhh Baba! Watch your sluts choot! Watch your Randi! Oooohh Watch my choot! Ohh God! See how it is wet for you all! Ohhh rub your lund for my choot. then pour that precious cum all over my body. I want the lund juice of all six lunds. Ohhh god! This is a dream!”

    And I continued to fuck myself. Then Karnikkaka shouted, “ Ohhh Seema show me some ass Bahu! I want to see that nice ass of yours. Ohhh god I would love to cum on that solid ass!”

    I stood up and bent forward showing them my ass. I moved my ass for them. I patted my ass and spread my ass cheeks. That made my asshole expose. They all loved it. So I spread my ass cheeks wide and poked my ass hole with the very finger that was in my choot. my finger slipped in my asshole easily. I moved my finger in and out of my asshole. Ohhh god! My asshole was really tight and it held my finger with force. I wondered how my FIL’s lund OR Bhidekaka’s lund will fit there! Ohhh I moved my ass, rotated it, shook it and finger fucked my asshole. With other hand I finger fucked my choot. I could feel my fingers brush against each other through the thin membrane separating the choot and asshole. Ohhhhhhh! I was cumming!

    I lay on the floor and called all the old men.


       I told them to jack off on my body while I lay in ecstasy. My body shook and the choot spasmed! Ohhh it was great orgasm, quite different from all previous ones. It was sustained orgasm and lasted for over a minute. When I opened my eyes I saw all six men holding their lund in hand and jacking off. Ohhh it was so dirty! But I loved it. I was a slut and sluts are supposed to take cum bath. All sizes and shapes of lunds, circumcised and un-circumcised lunds danced in front of my eyes. All were engrossed in watching me and jacking off. My FIL was slowly rubbing the cock head with his finger and urging his friends to cum.

    “Ohhhhh! Pour your sticky cum on my soonbai’s body. Ohhh watch her lying there waiting for your cum. Spray that cum on her! Ohhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!”

    Bhidekaka was standing neat my head and he sat down and started to jack off. His lund was very near to my face and sometimes it touched me and tickled me. No touching was the directive of my FIL so nobody touched me but they all jacked off over my body. Now all of the lecherous old men squatted near me and looked at me from close angle. I could see the prominent blood engrossed veins on their cocks and even the pisshole! Kulkarnikaka was first to cum and he sprayed his cum all over my left breast and belly. The hot cum landed on my body and tickled me, taking me into heaven with the feeling. FIL spread his cum all over my breast and belly and made me lick it.

    END OF PART 13

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