In the Looking Glass


Since I had started to mature I had more or less gotten used to my brothers peeking on me when I was in the shower. Our bathroom was setup in just the right way that from the door with even the smallest open crack the entire shower was visible in the mirror over the sink. However it was also easy to see in the same mirror from the shower if the door had been opened that crack and if it was open enough who was looking in through it. The day I caught my older sister was a total surprise through. I decided when I saw that to really make a show of it much more than when I caught my brothers looking.

I turned the water temperature down just a little bit to make sure that the room wouldn’t be steamy it was summer so cold water in the shower wasn’t so bothersome. This had the added bonus of making my nipples stand up nice and erect and my areola to contract nice and tight. I then started soaping up and getting good and lathered, running my hands slowly all over my body. I spent a good long time on my breasts cupping them in my hands and running under them and pinching my nipples as my hand came off the end. This had me getting good and turned on, so I went to work on cleaning up my pussy.

I got things good and soapy and started to slide my fingers around caressing my inner lips and slowly passing over my clit. After a few minutes of this I was beginning to shudder and whimper a little with each pass over my clit. I moved away from that and gently curled the first two fingers of my right hand into my waiting vagina. With slow tiny moments I began rubbing the inner walls and feeling my orgasm build again over the next several minutes. As I got closer I looked over at the mirror and again spotted my sister with her hand now under her loose skirt presumably doing something similar to my shower activities. I could she her chest slowly rising and falling as see breathed through her mouth in gasps.

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  I was doing the same thing in the shower. I moved my thumb to my clit now and added its motion to the activities inside of me. This put me over the edge. UGH…OH…UGH. OH…OOHHHHH…. UGHHHHH. . OHHHHH I repeated again and again as the waves of orgasm washed over. When I finished feeling quite satisfied, looked in the mirror again in time to catch my sister pulling her hand quite visibly damp on the first two fingers from under her skirt and turning away. I washed away my own juices and got out of the shower and dried off, and wrapped the towel around myself.

I walked down the hall to my sister’s room and knocked on the door.

“Hey Jess, its Anna can I come in a second?”

“Uh. . yeah sure”

I opened the door and stepped inside closing it again, Jess was sitting up at the top of her bed on against the pillows, she was still wearing the same skirt and nylons I has seen in the mirror.

“Hey Anna what’s up?” Jess asked cheerily smiling.

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“Oh, well I was in the shower and I felt a spotthat was a little sore I think it’s an ingrown hair. I can’t quite see it though so I thought I’d get someone to look at it, sort of a second option. ”

“Yeah…sure…happy to help, where is it?”

I turned around and dropped the towel to the floor then pointed to spot under my left butt check.

“Right here. ”

As Jess approached from behind, I bent over which I knew would cause her to get a full view of my still swollen and protruding inner lips. I heard a small gasp from her and she stopped. I turned around standing up as I did so.

“Must be a pretty bad ingrown hair?”

“Umm…ah no there’s nothing there. ”

“Heh, yeah I knew that, I was just playing with ya. ”

Jess got a blank look in her face not knowing what that was supposed to mean I think, or maybe just shock. “Just my way of letting you know, if I’m in the shower and you want to have a look, just come on in…seriously you’re my sister I’ve got nothing to hide. ”


“Did you like what you saw? Why were you looking anyway?”

“Yeah, ah…” Jess started getting this sorta pinched look on her face. “Well, you’re like so um big, and I’m so small you know, up here” Jess said cupping her left breast covering it completely with the one hand.
“Really…that’s funny I always thought smaller breasts were so much sexier myself.

” I said smiling, then taking her hand off her own breast and putting it on my own left breast.

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“What do you think?”
Jess cupped my breast and massaged it for a second and started smiling “It’s nice I’ve never felt one this big, just my own”

“Really, none of your friends or anything?. . . wow, my friends and I are all over each other. ”

I reached out with both hands to top of Jess’s blouse and started unbuttoning it. “Do you mind if I?”

“No, only seems fair”

I quickly unbuttoned the blouse the rest of the way pulling the bottom from her skirt when I got to the end, then pushing it off her shoulders. She shrugged and let it fall to the floor. She was now in a thin black mesh camisole that I could clearly see her breasts through. Her Areola and nipples were most of her breasts. Her breasts were small for sure, nearly flat only maybe half an inch off her chest, but the areola on each were nearly two inches in diameter, and the nipples now erect almost an inch long.

Jess did something surprising now. She bent down slightly as I stepped back from her after unbuttoning the blouse, and licked the nipple of my left breast. That sent quite the electric up and down my spine, and straight to between my legs. I gasped in equal measures of shock and pleasure. Ok so she made the next move in our game my turn.

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I stepped toward Jess again and put my hands behind her back on her shoulder blades and then bent in and kissed her full and hard on the mouth. She returned the kiss with passion and tongue!Her hands came up to the small of my back to pull me closer. We remained locked like this for several minutes making out passionately. My hands eventually slipped down to the back of her skirt and pulled the zipper there down. We separated our bodies just enough to let the loose skirt fall to the floor. This left her in the camisole and black pantyhose with tanga short mesh panties that matched the camisole under them, on her bottom half. Now that the skirt was lying on the floor I reached down with my hands and squeezed her bottom as we continued kissing. She returned the squeeze and added a slap for good measure. I disengaged from our embrace to guide her on to the bed straddling over me. She then bent in and resumed kissing me. She licked each of my nipples again.

“I’ve always wanted to lick another girls nipples, I guess you liked that”

“Oh yeah, for sure. ” I said a little out of breath. “Another first for you, I’m guessing you’ve never had another girl go down on you either. ”

“Nope! No guys either.

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“What do you and your friends do at slumber parties?” I said with a giggle. Then pulled Jess down and resumed kissing her.

We continued kissing and touching each other like this for a long time, at some point I pulled her camisole off. I eventually rolled her on to her side next to me so that we could caress each other. I love the feel of another girl’s legs in nylons, her legs were very nice and the nylons were very sheer and smooth, such a turn on. Slowly I stroked her legs in the nylons and made tentative touches between her legs to stroke her there as well. She began doing the same to me I was getting very wet and she was as well, the dampness starting to soak through the pantyhose and panties as well.

I rolled Jess onto her back and starting at her forehead, kissed my way down her body. Nose, Lingering at the mouth a moment, then the chin, neck, between her breasts, then each nipple swirling my tongue on them and sucking slightly on each as I came off, then down her belly. When I reached waist of the panty hose I started pulling them down, I continued kissing my way down until I reached waist of her panties.

I was now pulling the panties off along with the nylons. She lifted her bottom a little to allow me to pull the whole bunch past. As her panties came off I kissed and then licked her lips. Her inner lips were swollen and protruding from her excitement the same as my mine do, I found that thrilling as none of my friend’s lips do that. I nibbled and sucked each inner lip with my lips and then proceeded down her left leg pulling the hose and panties with me, kissing her inner thigh, then along the top of her leg as I went.

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  I finally reached her foot kissing each toe in turn once I pulled the panties and foot of the hose off. I then started at her right foot and reversed the kissing working my way up the leg until I was between her legs again. I licked and sucked the lips again. Jess shuddered, twitched, then gasped and moaned.

“Nice orgasm?”

“Uh, HUH!” Jess practically growled.

I started working my way back up her body kissing her belly and then licking and sucking each breast again. Finally I was back at her mouth where we began kissing and touching each other again. As we kissed Jess started sucking and tonguing my left nipple, which really turned me on, I love having my nipples sucked. I brought my hand down between her legs and slid my finger in to her wet cleft. I was quickly able to find her clit, it wasn’t hard her clit is easily the biggest one I have ever encountered, poking nearly an inch out of its hood with her all excited. I started teasing her clit slowly up and down then back and forth, then in small circles around it, without actually touching it.

“Oh…GAWD!” Jess moaned “OH…OH…OH…OH…OH” she panted.

I continued this until I felt her orgasm coming, and then slowed denying her the release. I slid down and started sucking her nipples while still played slowly with her clit to keep her on the edge. She slid a hand down and started doing the same to me.

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  With us both in such a state of excitement it was only few minutes until we were both grunting and moaning and had to stop sucking each other’s breasts just to breathe. I felt my own orgasm building, slow tiny twitches building inside of me, the pleasure and need for release building. I slid two of my fingers into Jess, while keeping my thumb busy swirling on her clit and could feel the same twitching building inside of her. She followed my example and soon we were slowly finger fucking each other. She reached over and gave my right breast a hard squeeze then pulled and pinched the nipple. That was it for me I began bucking against her fingers and screamed in pleasure at the release of my orgasm. I did the same move to her breast and that pushed her over the edge as well, and we were now fucking ourselves on each other’s fingers and screaming and moaning in unison. With one final sustained moan like an opera diva hitting the high note at the climax of the show my orgasm crested and a came down with slow moans and whimpers. Jess was only shortly behind me, her orgasm coming to its climax with a deep throated groan.

Eventually both of us stopped and just lay there with our fingers still inside each other. We were gasping trying to catch our breath for many more minutes unable to move, not wanting to move. Finally when I felt I could move I rolled toward her and kissed her hard and deep again on the mouth and have her breast a little squeeze.
“Oh god that was good” I said.

“That was hardest longest orgasm I have ever had. ”

I smiled “I think I’d have to say the same, liked that little breast moved that pushed me over”

“Just doing what I like done to me, figured that would work”


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