First taste of forbiden fruit, chapter 2


About 4 months after that first night mom and I started I came home from school to find her already home. She had a big dinner on the table and was wearing an apron and nothing else but a smile. I was really starting to feel like the man of the house by then, but did tell her it was a good thing no one came home with me. To that she just smiled, wiggled her ass at me and said "Oh you're such a tease". I followed her into the kitchen and hugged her from behind, relishing the feeling she gave me.

While we were having dinner she told me, Hey after dinner why don't you jump in the shower and I'll meet you in "our" room, which sounded like a damned good idea to me. So I hurried down the hall, stripping as I went, and showered. Have to tell you, Becky, it was on of the fastest showers I'd ever taken. . . . lol

After the shower I came out and made a bee line for her room. . . and as promised, she was in the bed, without the apron, awaiting my arrival. I made a running leap and landed next to her, then rolled over and attacked her tits.

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  . . she was laughing and loving it as much as I was. When I stopped and rolled over to my back I asked her, Mom is this what love is like? To which she replied by kissing me lightly on the cheek, then lips, then neck and finally said I hope so, as she took me into her mouth.

Now usually when mom and I got together there were some tender moments but mostly it was hot, wild fucking. One trying to wear the other out. You know the kind? This time though there was a tenderness in her lips and mouth that I really hadn't noticed. As was the, what can only be termed, love making that followed it. Long and slow, with a deep need attached this time. I looked up at her and noticed just as I was cumming, that she had a tear in her eye.

I asked her what was going on and she said that she did love me, and hat what we have been doing has made her very happy. I was confused. . . .

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  she rolled over to me, kissed me again and said "I've got something to tell you, something very important. This scared the crap out of me, had thoughts running through my head like she's sick, her and dad are getting back together, her and that shit head she was with earlier were getting back together. . . . . she lost her job. . . and I voiced each of these and receieved a negative reply and a few smiles in return. Instead she took my hand and placed it low on her stomache. Of course, the horny little bastard in me came out and I started to slide my hand even lower. She laughed and said No, plenty of time for that. What I want to tell you is, yes I went to Dr today. .

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  . . . and I am so happy. . . . I'm pregnant.

After all of the things that were going through my mind I let out a big sigh of relief. . . . . . then it hit me.

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  . . . pregnant???? Mom? You're pregnant? When, how. . . . lol, looking back on it now I laugh, as she did then. She looked at me, naked laying nest to her, then looked down at her being naked as well and said "Duhhhhh, how do you think?" Then I couldn't help but laugh.

I asked her if she was sure and she said yes the Dr confirmed it today. . . . . looks like I conceived right around that first night.

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   I pointed to myself and she grabbed me by the dick and said "Why do you think I was making him wear a rubber you shit!!! And you decided not to wear one. . . " She must've saw the look in my eyes because she quickly followed up with "and I still don't". And kissed me deeply.

I asked what she waned to do, and she said "A lot more of this", waving her hand at us and the bed, "and I'm going to have the baby. Would you like a boy or girl?" I looked her up and down, smiled and said "A girl". . . she laughed, still had her hand around my dick and said "Already thinking about replacing me huh?" (which is another story) Then leaned over and right before she took me into her mouth I said "No way". That it was more back to normal, only more so as she was cumming faster, and I was lasting longer. . . and she was talking to me. She said something that made me start thinking.

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  . . . . during a rest period. . . yes we took those, she was laying with her head on my chest and said "You know, I wish I had 2 of you. Not because I need more than you're giving but I'd like to have you in my mouth and inside me at the same time. "

As I said it got me to thinking. . . . and the more she said it the more I thought. But, of course, there was little time to think that night of for the next couple, she was insatiable, and I was in heaven.

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