Bunk Beds Are Awesome


I lay on my bed that morning and let the sun shine shine on my face. The light caressed me through my eyelids, my whole body felt warm and fuzzy, like a little kitten. I had turned sixteen today, and the possibilities made my mind race. The scent of freshly mown grass came in through the open window and the birds were chirping their songs. I wondered if my brother on the top bunk had woken up yet.

As if on queue, the bed began to rattle in the rhythmic back and forth of a healthy teenage male’s masturbation. I’d noticed it before and had always told Stevie to do it when I wasn’t in the room, which always embarrassed him. Today, I decided to leave him be. I was beginning to enjoy the sounds of his quickened breath and the vibrations his rapid strokes were sending down. My body tingled along with them.

I opened my eyes and looked at our cozy yellow room. It was tiny, just like the rest of the house. Even though mom worked hard at her retail job each day, we just couldn’t afford more than this. I looked at all of my brother’s clothes strewn across the floor, my gaze finally fixing on those red tights of his. They made me wonder just what size he was - I had never seen him naked. At least they appeared as if there were ample space for a big cock.

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The bed rumbled, and my attention yet again wandered towards what Stevie was doing right on top of me. He was probably concentrating hard - hard enough not to notice me? It was an exciting thought. Doing what he was doing, he was most likely naked, and wasn’t this the perfect time to satisfy my curiosity about his equipment?

Without making a sound, I pulled away my pink bed covers. They were freshly washed and still smelled that way. Underneath them I was naked. I always slept naked in the summer. We didn’t have air conditioning and our room was turned towards the sun. This was also why we’d kept the window open during the night. Stevie didn’t sleep naked. He said he wasn’t warm, but my guess was that he was just shy.

He’d certainly seen me naked many times, and had always made a show about being embarrassed with all his blood rushing to his face. I’d started teasing him with my body once I’d noticed, showing off my 36 B’s. They were far from perfect - the left being bigger than the right, with nipples that seemed much too big for them, but for a teenage boy of Stevie’s age, all breasts probably looked perfect. The rumbling vibrations increased in intensity, and I began wondering if he might be thinking about me. I had certainly given him reason to.

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The thought sent a jolt of electricity through my spine, right down to my reproductive organs. No, that doesn’t sound right, the mood had changed. This was my pussy the jolt was reaching, and my brother’s masturbating was getting it all wet, hot, and bothered. My own scent rose up from my pussy to my nose and I let my hand wander down so I could taste my own juices. So this was what a brother was good for.

Making the bed creak as little as possible, I swung my slim, shiny legs out of bed and got off the mattress, rising slowly to my feet. My brother hadn’t noticed me yet, as I kept hearing his rhythmic strokes and his lusty breathing. I felt like a sleazy old man peeking into a girls’ locker room when I slowly but surely raised my head so I could have a view of Stevie’s top bunk. I’d been expecting to see something interesting, but what I did see blew my mind.

Stevie lay there with his pyjama bottoms off and his eyes closed. He had his mammoth-sized cock in hand and was massaging it furiously. It wasn’t more than 7 inches, but thick enough for him to smash bricks with it. I could smell the precum that was leaking from its tip, and it made my pussy feel warm and expectant. My plump nipples hardened like I didn’t know they could, and my juices flowed agonizingly down my legs, wanting to be used for lubrication. What really set me off, though, was the action on Stevie’s face.

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His expression was screwed up in beautiful agony, and while breathing heavily he was mouthing words. I heard excited whispers coming from his mouth, but didn’t understand what he was saying at first. I had to get out of my cover if I wanted to get close enough to hear his words. If he opened his eyes,he would catch me, was it really worth the risk?

Had I been in a rational state of mind, I would not have done it, but my nipples were aching and my pussy was demanding that I get closer to the man that had put it in the state I was in. I felt like I was leaking and needed something big and broad to plug the hole.

I was beginning to breathe harder, but horny as I was, I managed to calm it. I needed to be quieter than ever if I didn’t want Stevie to find me out. Slowly, I moved my face closer tho his, until I was in kissing distance and could feel his breath touching my skin. The warmth of the air that left him in such desperate short bursts made me shiver with delight. I just couldn’t stand it any longer. I reached my hand down to my pussy, made sure to wet it with my ample fluids and started playing with my clit.

I concentrated on the sounds of Stevie’s breathing and his still increasing pumping of his cock. As I expected, I could hear him whispering words.

“Fuck… fuck, take it, take my cock…” I heard the words leave his lips. Oh how I wanted to, Stevie.

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   I imagined what it would be like to ride this thing and almost came at the thought. I had to lean on the bed to take away the strain my shaky legs could no longer hold. I closed my eyes and gave in to Stevie’s whispers.

“You’re such a dirty little slut, such a naughty girl…”Yes, Stevie, I am your slut, I am your slut, put it in deeper, I want you to come inside, I want to feel your cum!

“Oh fuck, Jo, your pussy’s so tight! I want to come inside!” Hearing him say my name sent me over the edge. My orgasm was so strong I almost hit the floor.

“Oh yes, Stevie! Fuck me! Put it all inside of me! I’m comiiiiiing!” I thought.

At least I thought that I had thought it. When I had finished riding the waves of ecstasy cruising through me and opened my eyes, I realized that I must’ve been yelling that last bit at the top of my voice. Stevie was staring at me wide-eyed, his mouth agape. He was still holding his cock in his hand, which was now bathed in his transparent precum.

“Oh, Stevie,” I said desperately, still breathing hard from all the pleasure. “This isn’t what it looks like. ”

“I don’t know what it looks like, sis, but it sounded pretty unmistakeable to me. ”

“Stevie, please don’t tell mom about this,” I stammered. “I won’t do it again, I promise!”

“I won’t tell her if you won’t,” Stevie said.

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I was relieved. Stevie had always been dependable when it came to promises.

“Thanks, brother,” I said, feeling completely beaten. I had been found out.

“Sure thing, Jo. You know I love you, right?” his hand started working on his dick again as he said this. He did have dirt on me I realized, I would have to let him masturbate with me in the room from now on. Not that that was such a bad thought.

“I love you too, Stevie”

With that, I lay on my bed again, burying my face in my hands. I couldn’t believe what I had done - what I had let myself get caught at doing. This would ruin everything! Stevie and I had always gotten along better than anyone else I knew. Aside from my teasing him, we were the best friends you could imagine, and now this would always be between between us. Why was I so weird? Yes, he had fantasies about me, but that didn’t mean he actually wanted to do anything like that with me. I, however, had wanted to fuck his brains out. Still wanted to.

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   What was wrong with me?

Tears escaped my eyes, and I turned around so I could hide them in my pillow. I knew there was going to be a birthday party later for me today, but the thought of it just made it all worse. Bright colored balloons and carrot cake with chocolate frosting would just make me cry all the more.

I felt Stevie drop down on my mattress next to me, but I didn’t look up. I must’ve been sobbing out loud, I never noticed when I did that. He always held me when he heard me cry - to comfort me, and I’d always loved him for it, but this wasn’t something he could fix.

“Go away, Stevie, I’m naked. What are you, a pervert?” my tearful voice sounded thick with hypocricy.

“Sis…” he began, trying to lay an arm around me, but I shrugged him off.

“Are you getting off seeing me naked like this, Stevie?” I said. I had meant to sound sarcastic, like I usually did when I teased him by prancing around the room naked. To my horror, I realized that there was a hopeful tinge of truth in my voice, as if I were begging him to say yes.

Stevie didn’t answer. I didn’t feel him get up, but I knew I’d hurt him enough to make him give up and leave. He’d never been able to take abuse from me.

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   It sounds like he was a crybaby, but he really wasn’t - he always stood up to everybody else. Again I sobbed quietly into my pillow, feeling the weight of the world.

No, it couldn’t be, this was a different weight. It was warm, and soft, and strong. It felt like what I’d imagined Stevie’s legs would feel like if he were wrapping them around my wanting hips. I hiccuped a sob and my tears flowed even harder.

“What are you doing, Stevie?” I asked.

Instead of hearing an answer, I felt his rock-hard cock enter my pussy. It slid in easier than any vibrator I had ever had, even though it was twice as thick. I’d never been so ready for sex before. I wanted this so much. I had always wanted it, since I had realized what it was that girls and boys did with each other. That’s what my teasing had really been all about.

“Stop it, Stevie,” I pleaded through flowing tears and no longer muffled sobs. “What I did was bad enough! If we do this, things will never be the same again!”

“Jo, I’ve always wanted you, I’ve just been too afraid to say it.

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   That’s why I didn’t want you to see me naked, I’d have had a raging hard-on every time. I want you, sis, and I’ll always want you. I’ll always love you!”

I felt his cock push deeper inside of me, stretching me out and filling me up almost to my cervix. It didn’t hurt, it just felt right, like we’d been made for each other. Tears ran down my face in rivers now and I cried as warmth and sexual excitement ran through me. I let myself go, no longer caring about what this was going to do to us.

“Fuck me Stevie,” I cried through all my tears. He pushed inside me with his full weight behind him, and my closed legs increased the friction even further. I almost came from these first few strokes, but Stevie pulled out. “Please, Stevie, don’t stop” I sobbed. “Don’t leave me!”

“Relax,” Stevie said. “But turn around. I want to see your beautiful face when I’m inside of you. Those cute freckles and that red hair. I want to see your breasts and suck on your amazing nipples.

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   I want to look into your eyes and your soul. Please, sis. ”

I turned around like he had told me, and I could see tears running down his face as well. He cupped my breasts in his hands and sucked on my nipples, sending cadences of joy like music through my body, and right into my dirty little slut pussy. “Kiss me, Stevie,” I begged. “Kiss me and put your cock inside!”

I spread my legs for him and Stevie froze in place, staring at my hungry shaved pussy with a look of awe on his face. His hazel eyes glazed over with a primal lust I’d never have expected of him. “Stevie, I’ll let you look at it all you want later, but now you have to fuck me or I am going to kill you!”

That got him out of his trance. “Fuck, sis, I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to hold on long. ”

“Don’t worry, brother, I’ve already come twice, and I promise you I’ll come again before you do. ” I spread my pussy with my fingers and invited him in. This gesture was too much for him and he buried his cock deep inside of me, not bothering to start with slow strokes. He slumped down and put his weight on me, our faces closer now than ever. He began fucking me with a furious rhythm, stroking hard against my pussy walls. I felt my G-spot stimulated for the first time and came right away.

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   The walls of my pussy contracted all around his thick cock and I squirmed under him. My walls were pressing hard against his raging dick, as if to push him out, but he was too big. I came right on his cock, a burning stream of cum shooting out of my urethra.

“Kiss me, please,” I said shakily between a mixture of moans, sobs, screams, cries and yells, still shivering and spasming from my orgasm, streaks of tears still running down my face.

And for the first time, my brother and I kissed. Our hot, wet lips melted into each other and our tongues intertwined. I tasted his salty tears and he tasted mine. I was so happy, but I couldn’t stop crying. Still there were rivers of tears running down my face, I just couldn’t help it.

Stevie’s cock pounded into me and I drew him in closer. “Fill me up, Stevie, come inside your little slut sister!” I said, and I meant it. I wanted his cum in me, and I didn’t care if he was going to get me pregnant. I frantically squeezed my kegel muscles in anticipation, hoping to make him come before he suddenly realized that this had all been a horrible idea.

“Take it you slut, take me in your tight slut pussy,” he screamed at the top of his voice. “I fucking love you! I’ll fucking come in you!”

“Make me pregnant, Stevie! Splash me with your sperm! I want to have your baby so much!”

“You’re such a whore, sis! Oh yes! I’m coming!” he jerked wildly inside of me.


   I felt a huge load of cum hit my pussy on the inside, and it set me off again as well. My vagina contracted in many bursts, along with Stevie’s neverending shots of cum that I felt splashing down inside of me, filling me up.

He came and came. His cum spilled past his cock, out of my pussy, onto my bed, onto my covers, even onto the floor. I cried and sobbed, coming along with him with every single of his spurts, as if I were milking his cock for more sperm. I never wanted him to stop coming, and it seemed like he never would. His cum made me feel so wanted and so loved I just couldn’t stop crying, and crying, and crying, coming, and coming, and coming.

“You did it, Stevie,” I said through my heaves and wails after he had shot his final load inside my dripping wet pussy. I was so drenched it would take weeks to leak all his semen out of me - and I certainly wouldn’t wash it out myself. “You made me pregnant. ”

“I love you sis. I’ve always wanted to fuck you liked this” he said, watching as his cum slowly made its way out of my pussy. “I love seeing my cum inside of you. Please be pregnant for me, sis!” I put my hand down over my soaked and drenched pussy and did what I could to push his cum back inside of me. I really did want his kid.

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   I didn’t care if it was going to be damaged.

“Let’s run away and build a life together, Jo,” he said, milking the last drops of cum onto my pussy with his hand.

“Right after we finish school,” I said, greedily collecting those drops with my fingers and pushing them in me. “It’s a promise. ”

We sank down in each other’s arms and collapsed into each other. He watched me play with my pussy, looking at his ample wet, thick cum dribble out of his sister little by little before I pushed it in again so it could inseminate me. His hand joined mine in doing so and ended up massaging my clit, from which I came again soon in loud sobs. I had never cried so much in all my life.

Without waiting to calm down, I got on top of him and pushed his still-hard cock into my soaking wet pool again (you just can’t call this dripping mess a pussy anymore), I felt him brush against my G-spot and rode hard against it, moaning and sobbing, and I came for him again, squirting out a big stream of cum from both my pussy and my urethra as I lost control and screamed out while oceans of tears erupted from my eyes.

There was a loud moan from our room’s door.

Both our gazes wandered towards the source of the sound, the shock hit us both at once. I could feel Stevie’s muscles tense up as he came inside me again, spurting in just as much cum as he had filled me with before, filling me to the brim, making me leak all over the place. I came, my pussy walls contracting and milking my brother’s cock, as if every last drop of cum would be my last. I couldn’t help screaming out in pleasure and crying out in shame at the same time. “Put your baby in me now!” I yelled.

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In the doorway, there was mom, standing there stark naked with her fingers on her fur-covered snatch, dripping wet juices from her pussy. For a moment, we stared at each other.

“Next time close the window when you make such a racket,” she just said. Then she turned around and closed our door behind her. That was it, we were home free. Stevie and I grinned at each other.

I skipped my birthday party on that day. Stevie was giving me a different kind of present, all day long, and often.

We did like we had promised and ended up moving in together in a different state. Nobody found out we were brother and sister. Our sex life always stayed exciting, after all, we were doing something forbidden every single time. It didn’t take long for Stevie to get me pregnant, maybe it had even been that first time. Soon after the first kid, a boy, he managed it a second time. We made sure to get a bunk bed for our healthy baby boy and our healthy baby daughter, so they could have the same chance at happiness that we had had. .

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