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Tereza is a genuine, natural lady with a very pleasant personality. She’s a very intuitive woman, sensing the spirit of her companion, and adapts to it. Tereza combines her positive attitude with a sense of humour, making her a very witty and pleasant companion to stay with. She has a wide interest in sports and music, is educated and is currently studying at the university.


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  • RobertDesRoses Poststempel: 2009-02-01
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    2009-01-15 12 hours Brussels
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    : 9.0
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    With tongue
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    I normally do not bring over girls from Czech agencies. We all know how it works: you send money and than you hear nothing any more. But this agency had been recommended to me and as we agreed very easily that I could buy the ticket on her name, I was surprised about the service and the flexibility of the agency.
    Initially I had another girl in mind. Fearing the language barrier however, considering the length of the meeting, and because I wanted a sporty girl, I finally chose Tereza and I don’t regret it.

    Let it be clear that I wasn’t looking for a quick fuck, but more to cherish the illusion of spending some splendid time with a girlfriend. That is another appreciation and perspective than the most of the reviews posted here.
    Tereza is intelligent, she has already her law bachelor degree and she continues now her studies while doing these little excursions “in between”. A beautiful brunette, a little bit more than 1m70, slim but feminine. Actually the pictures give a fair view about her. She needed a half an hour to get used to the new environment and to me, to gain confidence in me but than she quickly blossomed open. I had taken a hotel apartment in the European centre of Brussels. I didn’t push her in the morning, having plenty of time. Cooked for her a little thing and than we went for sport (as I asked the agency on forehand to have a sporty lady). Soon she started to tease me and after seeing that I liked it, we had fun like old buddies.
    I made it clear to her that I wanted to refresh myself in the apartment (together) instead of the sports centre. Once back, she didn’t let me go to the shower, however. She closed the door, put off her clothes (kind of) and sank on her knees … . I fucked her on the table afterwards. We didn’t get into the shower till round two. After that she guided me to bed for the third episode.
    I had booked a restaurant, but she asked me to cancel it and to simply order a pizza. Mocking smile, she added that she wasn’t satisfied yet … . I needed the rest of the evening to fix that.
    A crazy night, we talked/laughed about every thing and anything. She even knew how to handle my cynism (we even looked soccer together) all that mixed up with xxx sessions.
    It is a lady that needs the feeling to be respected, that needs to feel appreciated. She really senses what the guy wants of her and she gives herself with enthousiasm, without me having to need to ask her for something else. (The agency provided me with full details of her services after I asked for it, so no surprises there.) Her blowjob was good, above average, nice tong technique, despite the fact I couldn’t finish in her mouth. She is sensible below, after some warming up, she really enjoys a deep fuck (I provided those with pleasure). Above, she isn’t the type of girl either to run off to the bathroom immediately after, but stays with you to enjoy the after feeling for a moment.

    Recommended, will return. Looks 8,5 (I don’t fancy brunettes), attitude en performance = 9 (GFE by choice).