The cruise: Second Encounter


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  After a while she got up and started to put her clothes on. I just sat there relaxing, looking on at her dressing. Her bra and panties were still wet from the swim, and she slipped on her tank top and skirt with nothing under it. I was still a bit hard from seeing her, but I began to cool down. I looked at her and smiled. She walked over and bent down giving me a kiss. With her free hand she rubbed my abs and drifted down to my cock. She gave it a few strokes, then broke the kiss and stood up.
"another round?" I suggested looking up at her. Her nipples were hard and were visible through the tanktop.
"No, I cant" She said with a frown. She slipped her jacket on and looked at the time on her cell phone. "I told my parents I would meet them for the last part of the show. I gotta get back and get a shower and change into something different" She walked over and picked up the pile of the panties, putting the bra in a pocket in her fleece, and throwing the panties on my dick. The cold wet fabric made my cock tingle. "But trust me, there will be plenty more rounds on this trip.

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   If you want you can spend the night in my cabin tonight"
  The idea sounded awsome. "Will do" I said and started to sit up.
  "ok, ill expect you around 12:30, but in the mean-time feel free to cum in my panties all youd like" She said with a wink. She turned and bent down to pick up my pants, showing off her perfect ass and pussy under her skirt. "Here you go" She said with a sexy smile. After this she turned and walked off into the booming activity of the cruise deck.
  I looked at my own phone. It was 10:30, and I had nothing to do. My parents said they were going to the bar on the 4th floor for a while after the show. I figued I would find something to do in the meantime until 12:30. I stood up and slid my boxers on, still wet from the pool. After I got the rest of my clothes on, I pocketed her panties, and walked up the stairs overlooking the activity of the cruise deck. I stayed there for a while, just onlooking the people, then headed down to one of the bars.
  Although I did drink some at friends parties, I was too young to get one here. I settled with a coke and headed back to my room.

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   The floors were nearly barren, all the people up at the parties and shows. I was semi-tired, and took an elevator to my floor and journied to my room. My bed was made and towels were put up from the cleaning lady runs, and I laid down and turned on the t. v. A small hunger was brewing in my stomach, but i didnt feel like getting up. I grabbed the phone and ordered a sandwich for room service.
 It took about 18-18 minutes before I heard a knock on the door. I got up and gave a look through the peep hole, having to take a double look. It was a blonde woman, probably in her 30's but looked good. Her face was heavily made up, and her body wasn't perfectly toned, but her tits were huge! They wernt shown off in her uniform but you could tell at least a D hid behind the white button down shirt. I must have looked a while, because she knocked again. I had a little bit of a hard on, but was sure she wouldn't notice. I opened the door.
"Good evening sir" She said in some kind of foriegn accent. It wasnt a heavy accent, but you could tell it was there.

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   She walked in and sat down the tray. After that she forcefully shut the door and sat down on the little counter by the mirror. She spread her legs wide and rolled up her long black skirt  revealing a drenched shaven pussy. "hurry! we have seven minutes!"
 I was shocked and unaware of the situation. "wha. . . who. . . ? What are you talking about?" I said dumbfounded.
"Ughh, dont be stupid I was delivering a drink to a man by the basketball court and i heard a moan. I walked towards it and saw you slamming that girl by the front pool, and i found an  ship ID card by the stairs. It had your pictue on it, so i made sure that i had all your orders to your room. Now quick I have to be back shortly, just hurry up and fuck me!"
  This all came as a suprise to me.

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   I didnt know that anybody had heard or saw us, but obviously this girl had. My dick had stirred when she spread her legs, and after she spoke her intentions it was hard. Although it all seemed a bit wierd, I was not gonna turn this down. She was hot, and it would be the second pussy to fuck in the same night. This was going good.
  I dropped my pants and boxers and proceeded forward, cock in hand. She rested her head on the mirror, her legs spread as wide as she could get them. Her clit was drenched in juices, showing she must be a very horny lady. She obviously didnt get the oppurtunity to fuck often. I rubbed my cock up and down her pussy, soaking the head in her fulids. She let out a moan from the contact of my skin, and i suddenly knew she would be a screamer. I did this for a while before she yelled "GO AHEAD AND FUCK ME!". Suprised, i did as she said, and worked my cock in a slow rythmn fucking her. I reached up and unbuttoned her top two buttons on her shirt to get the point across. She knew i wanted to see those tits.

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   She finished the job and threw her shirt aside, exposing huge bouncy tits. They were unbelievably real, but not as tanned as taylor's. She threw her head back in pleasure as i kept the medium pace fuck going. Her pussy was a obviously less tight than taylors, but none the less still great.
"Mhhmmm god yes yes fuck me with your big cock"
  I reached up and grabbed her tits, rubbing the nipples with my fingers. Her persistant moans grew in intensity and i picked up the pace of fucking her. I was going almost as fast as I could, her tits bouncing in my hands. I figured I could've lasted a good while without cumming, but she anounced that she was close to an orgasm. About thirty seconds later, her pussy tightened its grip around my cock and her body spasmed.
"GOOOOOOOD MMMMMMMMM FUUUCCCKKK YEAAAA" She said in a loud scream. After a few seconds, her body collapsed, my cock still inside of her. I pulled out and began stroking the shaft as fast as I could. She encouraged me with moans and I exploded with cum onto her tits. It spewed out for a good while, covering a good part of her breast. "mmm yea cum on my tits" After I was done, she got down and cleaned me off, swallowing what ever she found.

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   She sucked my dick shortly but then stood up abruptly.
"Damn it. I gotta go, im late. " She rubbed off the seamen on her chest with a towel, and put her top back on. "We will Deffintley do this another time. Your great" She said as she rolled down her skirt. She gave a quick glance in the mirror, fixed her hair then picked up the tray. "Im off at 7 tommorow, I would love to make more of this. Meet me at my cabin at 7:30 tommorow" She smiled while writing down her cabin number on a napkin. She sat it on the table, kissed me and gave my dick one last stroke. With this, she opened the door and left the cabin.
I brought my sandwich to my bed, still shocked. It was the first day of the cruise and already I had fucked two hot ladies. This was way too good to be true, and I was wondering if i was dreaming. I shrugged it off and ate my sandwich, and nodded off for what seemed like a couple of minutes.

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   When I woke up it was 12:15. I still didnt have any pants on and was glad that my parents didnt walk in. The juices from the previous fuck had kind of dried, and i felt like a shower. I got one and changed into a t-shirt and gym shorts. I put on a hat and left my room. I walked 6 rooms over to my parents and they were just getting into bed. We exchanged small talk and good nights, then I left for Taylors.
I got two coffees and took the stairs to the second floor. I almost forgot where her room was, but then my brained clicked, and i found it within a few minutes. I knocked on it, but not too loud, careful not to disturb anybody trying to sleep. Taylor answered the door almost immediately, wearing a robe.
"hey there sexy" she said with a smile. Her makeup had been taken off and she still looked stunning. I leaned forward and kissed her, and walked into the room. I set down the coffee and went and laid down on the bed.

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   I was a little tired and I turned on the t. v. She got one of the coffees and took a sip of it. Taylor sat it down then dropped her robe to the ground. I had almost forgotten how perfect her body was, her tits and pussy all firm and tanned. She smiled and jumped on the bed next to me. She cuddled up next to me, her tits resting on my chest. She straddled my legs with hers and kissed me on the cheek.
"How was your night?" She asked in a soft voice.
"good, caught up on some sleep" I said avoiding the topic of the room service girl. "what about you gorgeous?" I said putting my arm around her, now facing her.
"Well the show was good, but I was too busy thinking of you. " A smirk grew on her face. "I went to the bathroom and masturbated" she said with a giggle. We were inches apart, her naked body resting on my clothed one.

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   But after she said that my boner extended big time.
"Thats hot Taylor, really hot"
"I try" She said with a grin. "Lets get these off" She said as she pulled my gymshorts down. After they were off and my hard dick free, she pulled my shirt up and off. After that she came back and hugged me in a cuddle, her tits on my chest, my cock resting on her body. We sat like this for a while, feeling our juices stiring up. Her pussy became wet and my precum started flowing. I put my cock in her pussy with my hand and very gently fucked her. She moaned and went into a deep kiss with me. We stayed there like that for a while, my cock simply inside of her. A few minutes later she got up and turned me around to where i was laying on my back. She straddled my dick and put her hands on my chest. Her tits looked perfect in the light. . .

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