Homecoming Weekend


I'm currently a freshman in college.   I'm 18 going on 18, and never really had a girlfriend that put out before.   This homecoming weekend, my girlfriend from the summer before senior year, who I was only with for a few weeks, came up to visit me at school.
Now, college homecoming is nothing like that high school crap.   First of all. . . there's no dance. All that really goes on here are a bunch of frat parties.   While planning for her to visit, we'd agreed on a few things, we were going to a frat party, and we were sharing a bed.  
When she got the ok from her parents to come (after telling them some bullshit story), I was so excited.   I already knew this was going to be the best weekend of my life.   When she showed up, driving her car down the road towards me, my face lit up, as did hers.
The night started out innocently.   We went into town for dinner, and then went back to my dorm to watch a movie.   Halfway through the movie or so, we headed out to the frats.

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    I had the distinct honor of teaching her drinking games, as she's only 18 and a half, two school years behind me.   She was immensely good at beer pong, and took many more cups then I did, causing us to continue to win until our 5th game.
When we finally lost, it was time to retire back to the dorm.   We got back alright, no slip ups with stairs or curbs or anything, then finished our movie.   Then a quick change and set up of the futon, and we were ready to "sleep".
At first, we just lay there and cuddled and made out, me in boxers and athletic shorts, her in the tank top she wore all night (which really accentuates her perfect breasts) and a pair of running shorts.   Sometime into our make out session, she asked me "why aren't you wearing a shirt?", to which I responded "it's more comfortable to sleep without one".   They, she looked me right in the eyes and said "should I be shirtless too?"  So that came off fairly quickly, and then back to making out.
I pulled off her bra at some point, and then we decided it was time. .   A quick dropping of shorts and underwear (she was wearing a thong) and then it was time for some fun.   I'd never had sex before, so I was a little anxious, and hoping I'd perform up to expectations.
We started with a fairly basic position, her on her back, and me drilling into her while lying on top and making out.   At first, I started by just easing in slowly a few times, and coming back out all the way.   She was so tight, I thought I was going to get stuck.

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    After about 30 seconds, I started pounding hard.   With every thrust, she let out pleasurable moans, and I could tell by her face that she loved it.   And I was in a state of ecstasy, this was the best thing I'd ever felt in my entire life.
From there, we tried numerous other positions, stemming from missionary, butterfly, to everyone's favorite, doggystyle.   We were at it for a full 3 hours, with me pulling out to cum all over her stomach and chest twice, and her face the third time.
After that, it was off to sleep. . . . sort of.   We slept the whole night (or what was left of it anyways) with arms around each other and my now limp cock still inside her warm dripping pussy.
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