Twist of fate 6


A few days afterward the Sardar came to pray forgiveness from Sapni. He had come earlier in the day in disguise but she was not at the temple.
“You and your men will serve only me and do what I say”
“Anything, your wish is my command” the Sardar said and left. Nihal brought a young man a woman around her age. Their eyes were red after hours of weeping.
“I’ve what you told me these are the only ones we did not touch, the others have been killed”
“Good!, take them inside the temple near the pool.
There was loud sound of wailing from afar. Members of the Pandit’s extended had found the bodies and his burnt down house.
“There was some business I wanted to discuss with you, it was for the Pandit of Jagaur, he had died and needed a new one”
“I will let you in time”
Sapni ran home and cried, she could not believe that she could actually have entire family wiped out. She mourned and wanted to undo what had happened. She cried and criedfor several days. She returned to the temple and sat where she always did, the Sardar came prayed for success for his next quest. Sapni blessed him. He returned very pleased with himself and gave a share of his loot to her.

“Now do something for me. She whispers in his ears telling him to find out a suitable pandit for Jagaur temple.

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  It took less than day and he brought an entire list of names, shortlisted them and she selected one. Nihal was not there at that time. . Sapni took some of of the loot and gave the rest to him and for his men. She gave the name of the panditfor the Jagaur temple. Nihal was surprised, he never disclosed the names of any suitable pandit to her andyetshe told him.
“You know everything my goddess”
“Yes I also know what is in your heart!”
“What?!” She removes her scanty sari and seduces him. He was in her spell fucking her like mad. That was all that she wanted, he could not stop himself. She finally felt his strong body and large dick inside her. She sucked, licked his ass-hole and sucked his balls. Sapni let her lust take complete control of her. Nihal was equal to several men. The more she had the more she needed him. All night he fucked her, till he was completely drained out and slept.

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In the morning he got up with a start, Sapni was not there, he went inside the temple and prayed to the stone gods and goddesses. Sapni was overjoyed.
In the evening Nihal came before her.
“Tell me have you done what I told you to”
“It was, this afternoon, I told the pandit to have the temple repaired too, He was paid to have the job done”
The Raja returned some months later and paid tribute to Sapni for his successful trip. From the the Raja’s estate the news spread that there was a Devi at the temple of Gawara who looked and spoke like an ordinary woman but no one should be deceived by her appearance. Thisspread to all the adjoining villages and towns. The oneswho had raped her, were at her feet. Sapni’s mother-in-lawwho had been incredibly mean to her for along time was terrified of her.
All the illegitmate children Sapni had given birth to, became the holy duty of all the women to take carethem

To be continued.



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