The Time Shifter Chapter 37


While Mai, Satomi, Miki and Seri were in SoCal with me, we rehearsedon about $30,000 worth of equipment I bought for that purpose. Wewrote every night for 4-5 hours, too. I took them on a guided tour oftheL. A. -Orange County basin and we went to Hollywood and bought a bunchof rockstar type clothing. After that, we had an appointment over ata salon known to be used by rock musicians. We had already talkedabout our look and agreed that we would all wear our hair long sinceour likely mostly male audience would like that. Also, we weren'tgoing to dye it since the more we emphasized our Japanese-ness themore exotic and thus alluring we would seem.

I got into contact with a couple of local graphic designers and oneof them created a logo for us. We also did a photo session so Icould put together a publicity kit. After that, we spent a week in arecording studio doing a seven song demo, during which I had someoneshoot video footage of us recording and talking about ourselves. Ihad the whole  mess edited together, subtitled it into English forthe Japanese-only bits and had it put on CD-ROMs (DVD's weren't yeta factor). They were then sent out to various rock magazines acrossthe world.

Over the course of all this, Seri and Cindy seemed to be gettingpretty friendly with each other even though Cindy spoke no Japanese. Seri had only ever spoken Japanese to me. A couple days before wewere supposed to return to Japan, I had gone downstairs around 11p.

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  m. to get a tomato juice and, when I passed Cindy's room, I hearda couple of voices moaning. I put my ear to the door and picked upthe sound of Seri's voice and she was trying to say in English thatCindy was beautiful. Then there was a bunch of kissing and moremoaning. I was guessing that Cindy was fingering Seri and was alsokissing her while she was doing it. "You're so cute, Seri," Cindyenthused. "I wish I knew Japanese so I could communicate better withyou," she told her. "Is okay," Seri averred.

Seri was really girly, so I guess she was the femme half of this newrelationship. I had no idea Seri was gay, though. She never made anypasses at me. They sat together on the plane ride to Japan. However,Cindy stayed with me when we arrived there. "So I guess you and Seriare an item now, huh Cindy?" I wondered, grinning knowingly. "Oh myGod Aiko, she's so sweet.

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   And she's hot, too," Cindy bubbled. "Well,I guess that makes our rhythm section tighter," I joked. That sentCindy into a fit of hysterical giggling.

The next night, I met Tsutomu after he got off of work and we ambledover to a love hotel and did the wild thing, this time au natural(no condom). His performance was improving the more he was becomingused to sleeping with me and, more importantly, increasinglycomfortable with having sex. I slept all night with his cum insideme (well, at least that which didn't leak out of me) and it made mefeel closer to him.

The thing was, though, that Cindy was still insistent on sleeping inthe same bed (though no longer having sex with  me) and cuddling me. I guess in a country where she didn't understand the language orknow that much about the culture I was someone she could hold on towhen Seri wasn't around. Cindy told Seri I knew they were bothlesbians and that I was bisexual myself, but she may not haveentirely understood what Cindy was saying to her. Finally, after onerehearsal, I took Seri and Cindy to a local bar and, while we drank,I revealed to Seri in Japanese that I knew and I didn't care. So ifshe wanted to come to Cindy's hotel room to have sex with her orjust hang out that was okay with me. I promised not to tell theother band members. We then went back to our hotel with Seri and Igrabbed a book from my room and went back down to the hotel'srestaurant bar to have a beer and read. I went back up a couple ofhours later and the light was out when I entered the room. I flippedit back on and there were Cindy and Seri both nude and slumberingaway.

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   I gazed at Seri's fit body. She had sweet little round B cupsand it appeared she had her pubic area bikini waxed.

It was almost 18 now and the trains would stop running soon. So Iwoke the two of them up and we walked Seri down to the station soshe could get home and not have her parents and younger sister worryabout her.

The next night, following another rehearsal, the entire band wentout drinking together. Mai and Satomi wanted to know what my planswere for Tsutomu and whether I would quit when he asked me to marryhim. I replied that I wouldn't quit unless the band breaks up andthat I was going to put off having children until I turned 30. Ialready talked with Tsutomu about all this and, at least for now, hewas okay with it. He definitely wanted me to be a stay at home momif we became parents. I then ran the idea by him about him being astay at home dad. He gave me another one of those, "what, are youfrom Mars?" kind of looks. I knew he would react like that. Butthere was an easy way to solve this.

That Sunday, we rented a so-called "light truck" and heftedourselves and our equipment down to Harajuku along with a gaspowered generator. We were all decked out in leather outfits thatfeatured navel baring midriff tops and did our debut gig.

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   We angledour amps and PA to minimize our sound bleeding over into that of theother street performers. Mai's mom Mina shot video of it while weposed, preened and riffed our way through a 30 minute set. We couldeasily have played longer, but our equipment was so much bigger thaneveryone else's that it would have been an imposition on them. Nonetheless, a pretty good crowd of about 50 stood there to watchus. We sold 18 copies of our CD-ROM at 500 yen a throw. Cindy got ALOT of attention from the spectators and more than a few guys wantedtheir picture taken with her.

One of those CD-ROMs was sold to a college activities coordinatorwho was looking for entertainment to book for their studentfestival, which was the first week of October. He called the numberon the back of the sleeve the CD-ROM came in (which was actuallyMai's home phone) and we had our first real show scheduled two weekslater in the school's main quad, where they erected a stage. It wasa daytime concert at 4 p. m. just as the sun was going down (theydon't have daylight savings time in Japan). In order to maintaincontrol over the presentation, we brought our own PA, monitors andlights (all bought with my money) and even hired a pyrotechnicianfor it. So that two week interval was busy as hell just gettingeverything arranged.

Satomi and I walked out on stage as the floor lights came on and wedid a brief exchange of speedy classical sounding lead runs whileCindy sat in her drum chair before the pyro went off on both sidesof the stage in front of about a 500 strong audience, which cheered. The other members ran on and Mai, doing her best David Coverdalestyle poses, began screaming out the lyrics to  "Out of theShadows," which was paced at a near thrash metal tempo.

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   The firstsolo up was me and I used a mixture of tapping and legato to make mymusical point before Satomi kicked in with some blazing fretwork ofher own before we took it home. "Good evening!  We're OminousTwilight!" Mai conveyed to the audience. Then in a very rough malespeech form, she declared in Japanese, "and we're going to kick somerighteous ass tonight!" Miki opened the next song, "Canon and Fuguein Evil Minor," with some Bach like organ riffing and then Satomiand I joined in, as the three of us played off of each other whileMai played rhythm guitar. The tune had three time changes in it. That finished off with me playing an unaccompanied coda that endedon a long, sustained note before we slipped into "Thunder ConquersAll. " a romping, stomping bit of sonic brutality that featuredCindy's ferocious pounding on the skins.

Our next song was another instrumental, "18th Century Slam Dance,"which was a thrash metal tune I wrote that featured dissonant minorkey riffs. Mai could never quite master the rhythm correctly, so shehad a time out behind our back line, which was five Marshall stackson each side (though only one was on for each of us at any one time. The extras were rented more for show and as backup than anythingelse). We were killing and once we finished that song, we launchedinto a  cover of Purple's "Burn," with me and Satomi doing the mainfast lead break in a third harmony.

Mai stood on stage surveying the crowd and asked how we were doing,which elicited loud cheers. She announced our next song, a powerballad called, "Don't Turn Your Back on My Tears," which wasinspired by something that happened during one of Mai's pastrelationships, and it was capped off by an achingly touching endsolo from Satomi.

The next compositiion was a playful loping rocker we dubbed,"Summertime Breakdown," which was written by me and based on theproposition of what would happen if you mixed the Dixie Dregs withBach's Air on a G String and Beach Boys style vocal harmonies.

After that, it was 30 minutes of fast tempo songs, scalding leadbreaks and brutal double bass drums and our main set was over. Wegot called back for an encore, where we did a cover of Van Halen's"Light Up the Sky" and then one of our tracks, "Everyday Terror.

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  " Weran off to loud applause and the clapping kept going on and on, sowe came out again and did another one of our instrumentalselections, "Afterburner," with me and Satomi running all over thestage and pulling out every guitar showbiz trick in the book savelighting our instruments on fire. Mai announced that the next trackwas indeed going to be the final one of the night. "(My Home is)Wherever You Are," was another power ballad that let the crowd downeasy. And we sold out of all 100 CD-ROMs we brought with usafterward. I thought the 100 number was overly optimistic, but wecould have sold another couple dozen if we had them.

"How did it look from up there?" I asked Cindy. "They were goingfucking bonkers, Aiko," she reported. "At least bonkers by Japanesestandards, so there weren't any mosh pits, but they were engaged thewhole show. " The organizers of the event came up to us while we werebreaking our equipment down and expressed their happiness at themanner in which the students received our performance. It was toobad, though, that we didn't have it videotaped. It would have been anice artifact. I was keeping a diary of everything we didjust in case, which turned out to be a good idea in the end.

We were allowed to use the girls gym to shower and change into ourstreet clothes after we finished loading up the truck. Gettingoffstage is kinda weird. It's like becoming Clark Kent again afterbeing Superman for 90 minutes or two hours or whatever.

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   Playingmusic just by itself is exhilarating, but when you factor in thatkind of crowd reaction, then that euphoria gets greatly amplified. I have to say, though, that night, as I laid in Cindy's arms, I hadnever slept so well in my life because of all the energy I hadexpended during the day. .



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