A Boy and His Flashlight Chapter 5

Mind Control

Evan had mused about assembling a stable of girls and pimping themout. But really, that was a pretty gross idea and could backfirespectacularly. He did need money, though, because he was frustratedat not having any or having to beg off of his parents. "How could Iaccess some major cash and do it legally?" he pondered. He wasreally limited in his opportunities because the flashlight wasn'teffective during the day unless it was just super overcast or therewere dark spaces in which the beam would become effective. Healso wanted to do this without a paper trail and it was important toisolate his targets and not get caught on video cameras. Furthermore, he couldn't do it so often that it would become apattern and maybe rouse police interest.

The good thing for Evan was that because he was somewhat nerdylooking, nobody would see him as threatening, especially if hedressed in a preppy nerd kind of outfit. Thursday evening,  hedecided,  just for shits and giggles, to make a dry run. He traveledabout 40 minutes to a mall known to be frequented by rich people. Hewalked around casing it and watching how people came and went. Rightas he was coming out of the main mall building, he saw the veryexemplar of middle aged rich bitch whoredom walking up to theentrance. She had the trademark blond hair from a bottle, tits byMonsanto, an outfit way too young for her and big gaudy jewelry. There was enough darkness for him to walk right up to her while shewas still on the asphalt, flip his sleeve up and hit her withthe beam from his penlight. She was paralyzed by it. He then toldher she was going to obey every order he gave her.

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He realized that if he took money from her right there it might bemistaken for an armed robbery by onlookers. He had something better inmind. When her brainpan was once again able to perceive reality, hecommanded her to take $10,000 in cash in $20 bills out of her bankaccount at around 2:30 p. m. the next day, drive over to the parknear his homeand find him on the grass behind the rightfield fence of the park'sbaseball diamond. This way, he minimized the chance of being seen bylarge numbers of people with her while money changed hands and thereweren't any security cameras there. Plus all thiswould apparently be under her own volition.

After he got home from school Friday, he told Yvonne he was going tothe supermarket to pick up some munchies and cokes for when theywould watch tv together that evening. He nervously scurried over tothe rendezvous point and waited. And waited. He knew that traffic atthat time of day was going to be rough. Finally, nearly an hourlate, she found him and handed him the bucks. "Hey babe, show meyour tits," he demanded. She pliantly acceeded to his wish and yep,they were fake, and rather obviously at that. "Hey listen, you'regoing to have those implants taken out and you are to allow yourhair to revert to its natural color.

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  " "Okay," she consented. Evansmiled wickedly. "Also, you will never tell anyone about this, noteven the cops. " "Okay. " "Good girl. Now go home. "

He took $40 out of the brick of cash and put it in his pocket. Therest of it he stuffed into the waistband of his pants and pulled hist-shirt over it. Somewhat uneasily, he headed to the supermarket andloaded up on the stipulated junk food and carried it home. "Wherehave you been?" "I ran into Casey coming out of the supermarket andso we went and had a burger. Why, you want to open the chips now?""No, we can wait until after dinner. " "Okay babe. I'll be back downin a minute. I want to put some shorts on. " "Okay sweety.

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  " "Whew!"he thought to himself as he went upstairs, carefully placed the cashbehind his dresser and then changed into a pair of running shorts,staying naked from the waste up. He went back down, sat at the otherend of the couch from Yvonne and put a pillow on his left thigh. "Hey babe, you want to lay down?" "Okay," she smiled. He stroked hercheek and tousled her hair as they watched Attack of the Show untiltheir mother came back from work, at which point it was switchedover to the news.

"Honestly, I've never seen such an affectionate brother and sisterin my life," Amanda remarked. "That's what happens when you havesuch a beautiful daughter, mom. Every guy likes to spoil a beautifulgirl," Evan countered. "Riiiight," Amanda reacted, rolling her eyes. "Especially when you resemble her. " Everybody cracked up at thatone. "Well, she was the new and improved version of me," he sweetlyself effaced.

After dinner, Yvonne and Evan went upstairs to his bedroom. 'HeyEvan, those were some really nice things you said about me. Thanks,honey. .

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  " "Just stating the obvious, babe. " He entrusted her with theremote as they laid down in bed and told her to find something sheliked. They took in a romantic comedy and then he went downstairsand brought up a big bag of chips and a couple of cokes. He sat upagainst the headboard and had her position herself with her back to him betweenhis legs. He opened the chip bag and fed her one before snarfing onedown himself. Occasionally  they did the hold one end of the chip inher mouth and they eat it together. This did not work well and someof the remnants of the chips ended up in their laps. They workedthrough about two-thirds of the bag over the ensuing few hoursbefore they showered together and returned to his bedroom. Evanshined the flashlight in Yvonne's face. "You are not going to worryabout where I get my money," he suggested.

This became important because the next day, he went to a jewelrystore and bought her a $2000 engagement ring. Sunday, he took herout for lunch and then popped the question. "Oh my God, Evan, areyou serious? Yes, I'll marry you, but oh my God!" "Don't wear it infront of mom and dad until I've had a chance to talk to them aboutit," he warned.

That night, he went to his mom and said he needed to talk to herabout how to deal with women. When they got into the darkened secondfloor hallway,  he shined the flashlight on her and suggested, "youwill not only obey every order I give you, but you will be thrilledthat I asked Yvonne to marry me when we tell you about it and youwill accept me being romantic with Yvonne as normal.

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  " After sherecovered her cognition, Evan told her to call for her husband. Ashe made the last step on the landing, he got the flashlight shinedin his eyes and the same suggestion that Evan had given to Amanda. "Okay you guys, lets go back downstairs, where Yvonne had been leftalone. "Mom, dad, I asked Yvonne to marry me and she accepted!" heannounced proudly. Yvonne's jaw just about went THROUGH the floor,she was that astonished. Their parents made a big fuss andcongratulated their kids on their future as a couple. "Show them thering I bought for you, babe," he said to Yvonne. She obeyed. He satnext to her and whispered, "I had a talk with them and they realizedthey had no choice but to accept our relationship for what it is. Sowe don't have to hide our affection for each other anymore," herevealed. Yvonne and Evan hugged and kissed and she began cryingbecause it was such a relief to her.

"Honey, we always expected that something like this could happen,"Amanda stated. "I think it's best we just admit what has always beenobvious. Just be careful, okay?" "Okay mom. Thank you so much!"Yvonne cried.

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   "Do you think I should wear this ring to school?""Fuck yeah! If someone asks who it is you're marrying, just say, 'aguy who goes to another school,' and you can make up your own mindabout the name and the other details. " "Okay," she concurred.

"I love you, Yvonne," he said, kissing her. "I love you, too, Evan. Yvonne flinched a little bit seeing her parents when she broke thekiss but then remembered that everything was out in the open now andrelaxed. Evan and Yvonne went up to his bedroom and they strippedand fucked like a couple of horny badgers for the next couple ofhours before falling asleep in the nude.

They turned 18 five days hence after he proposed to Yvonne, but hewas frustrated that all he could really do for her was take her outto dinner. They couldn't go away for a weekend because good hotelsdon't rent to minors. They couldn't go to prom together for obviousreasons, which was actually fine with the two of them since they sawit as a waste of time and money. They couldn't even play thelottery.

When Yvonne went to school Monday, she was, in a sense, a markedwoman. She was wearing that engagement ring and it made her moreuptight about concealing the secret she shared with her brother. Onthe other hand, she liked having that tangible symbol of their loveon her finger. Fortunately, because the ring wasn't THAT fancy itdidn't draw as much attention as she had feared and the people thatdid ask seemed to accept the answer she gave them about it.

However, even with Evan now formally but unofficially engaged toYvonne, he still had a yen for strange and he wondered if he couldmix business with pleasure.

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   That is, could he find a chick whowas both loaded and that he would also want to screw? It would be the best of bothworlds. But how could he do that? He didn't want to go back to themall again because it would be too soon. This time, he opted for thebeach. Maybe he would run into a wealthy jogger or something.

When his father got home, Evan had him give him the keys to his carand, dressed in shorts, flip flops and a long sleeve jersey, heheaded off to the coastline. It was about 7:30 when he got there. Heparked in a lot that was just off one end of the strand and startedwalking southward. There was a jogger coming his way, but it was amiddle aged guy and it appeared that he had so much money he didn'tmind his arms sweating under the Rolex watch he had on. He also hadone of those cheesy gold chains on that old guys who like to fancythemselves as players wear. Just for the lulz, Evan had to lightthe guy up. Evan, like he did with the woman at the mall, told himhe was going to obey his commands. When the guy came out of the hazethe penlight had put him in, Evan asked him to tell him how much hewas worth. "About $25 million," he reported. Evan responded byordering him to bring $25,000 in $100 bills Saturday morning ateight to the same area of the park he had the woman he met at themall bring her cash and to not tell anyone about it, including thepolice.

Evan walked on and got to a part of the walkway lined by some cafesthat had outdoor patios for dining.


   He saw a couple of brunetteshe wanted to bang and so walked up to their table and shined thepenlight on them and fed them the obedience order. When theyreconnected with reality, he told them that if the server asks whohe is that he is their friend Tim. He then peppered them withquestions. They were both going to a local junior college that was anotorious party school. When they finished the last of their meal,Evan walked them back to his car and went up the road a few miles toa chain motel and had one of the chicks rent a room.

When they entered the room, Evan had the girls strip. He wassurprised by how tall one of the girls was. She had to be pushingsix feet in her bare feet and was quite skinny, though not reallyboney. Great face with long dark brown hair, but rather small boned. She was an A cup and had shaved her pubichair, but the way her pussy looked atop her thin, supple legs andhow tanned her skin was still made his cock drip.

The other chick had hair down to the small of her back and large Bcups that had a rounded shape to them on a 5'4" frame with palerskin than her companion. Evan rid himself of his attire and lay onhis back on the bed. He had the tall chick, who was named Emily, siton his face while he directed the other one, Sarah, to suck hiscock. He cupped Emily's little butt with his hands as his tongueroamed her pink folds. He felt the caress of Sarah's soft, warmmouth on his member while he tasted Emily's lady juice beforedarting his tongue at her clit.

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   He reached up and ran his fingersover Emily's prominent nipples as he initiated suction on her lovebutton. As Sarah slathered his meat stick with her saliva, Emilybegan to moan and he did the same, vibrating his lips on the hood ofher clit in between licking and pulling on it with his suction. Emily's pussy smelled amazing to him, never mind the taste, and theattention Sarah was exerting on his pole provoked him to rapidlyincreasing arousal and with it the volume of his precum scaled upand was taken enthusiastically into Sarah's stomach.

The higher Emily went on the slope of pleasure, the more shesubconsciously ground her pussy into Evan's mouth. The more turnedon that Emily and he became also stimulated Sarah's sex drive andshe was now bobbing her head up and down at a frantic rate on hisdick. Evan sucked, kissed and licked Emily's clit with more vigorthe more his balls roiled and they were becoming one big moaningmass until he ejected his magma into Sarah's piehole. She pulled herlips off of his rod and swallowed the man milk she had elicited outof him.

He pushed Emily off of him and put her on her back after tellingSarah to play with herself. He got Emily back up to where she wasbefore he came and eventually brought her to a squealing orgasm. Heslid up next to Emily and cuddled her while they both watched Sarahflicking her little man in the boat and grope her own breast untilshe jerked and twisted when her orgasm rapidly rippled through her.

Watching that display of self abuse stiffened Evan's johnson andhe pushed Sarah on to her back at the end of the bed and quicklyjabbed his cock into her. She shelved her legs on his back as shewelcomed his thrusts, Evan drinking in the sensation of Sarah'ssofter body and her breasts compressed against his chest while hiships rocked back and forth. Their tongues intertwined as the fuckingcontinued, he railing her harder and harder while Emily acted asspectator, the first time she had ever watched any of her friendsget drilled. "Oh fuck oh God," Sarah declared, the jolts of pleasureinside of her growing in magnitude  until finally Evan jackhammered herinto paradise, her high pitched pants only making him hornier, whichculminated in him dispatching his fleet of swimmers deep into herwomb.

He dropped them off back at the cafe and went home.

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   "Well, another one crossed off the bucket list," he laughed to himself.



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