Jenny's new life pt. 1


AUTHOR NOTE: THIS IS COMPLETELY MADE UP BY ME N MY GF  threw the covers off her hot body and looked at the clock sleepily. It was 5:45 AM.
“Ah fuck this,” she thought to herself getting out of bed yawned. She pulled off her sports bra and g-string, grabbed her towel and walked out to the landing naked. She didn’t care her father wakes up at 3 and goes to work at 5. During that 2 hour period he goes onto their family computer and watches porn and chat with girls, and jacking off to pics of them before he goes to work. Jenny knew this cuz she caught him doing it once when she couldn’t sleep a few years ago. She turned the shower  on and let the cold water run as she admired her young but sexy body. At the age of 18 she had a fairly sexy body with 34ds and her tits were fairly big and round. Jenny slowly reached up and caressed her nipples making them hard. After she showered she went in her room turned her computer on, and grabbed a pair of matching baby blue bra and thongs. She put them on and looked at the computer one of her friends she just met was on.
Hotbigirl: Hi there Jenny
Jenny101: Hi there Jamie
Hotbigirl: want a ride 2 school my mom’s willing
Jenny101: sure where r u guys
Hotbigirl: outside
Jenny101: gimme bout 5 min I’ll be down
Hotbigirl: kk luv u :P
Jenny logged off hurriedly put on a tight shirt and pants. She grabbed her backpack and lunch down stairs wrote a note to her mom and left the house. Outside the sun was just rising and the wind made Jenny shiver, she felt her nipples getting hard and stiff. She saw Jamie and her sister’s red porch.

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“So how did you get to IM me?” Jenny asked getting into the car. Jamie waved her mom’s laptop at her and grinned.
“fucking rich slut,” she said laughing. The three girls laughed and Stephanie drove off toward their high school. During the ride Jamie kept glancing back at Jenny. She was getting wetter as her friend grew more accustomed to  wearing tight cloths. She found herself eyes wondering down to look at her 34d breasts and kept wondering how she tasted. Jenny caught her friend eyeing her but didn’t care she had a little crush on her friend but didn’t know if she had the same. When Stephanie parked the car the school wasn’t open yet. They looked at the car and saw it was only 7:45. School doesn’t open till 8:45.
“Well we got here earlier then usual,” Stephanie called. The girl grinned as Jenny knew what she had in mind. The girls unbuttoned their pants and pulled them down to the ankle with their panties. Jenny slowly started to play with her pussy and found her clit soon enough and mustered a small moan of pleasure.

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   By habit Jenny’s free hand rose up to her tits and played with them. Jamie pulled her skirt off and slowly ran a finger down to her pussy lips and shoved a finger in slowly moaning as she did for it was still sensitive from being eaten by Stephanie earlier before they picked Jenny up. She reached over and caressed her sisters 36d breasts. Stephanie the oldest of the three girls was the most experienced as she fingered her clit hopping to get a fast yet mind blowing orgasm. She feel a young tender hand reaching for her left breast she opens her eyes and see her sister playing with them.
“Can you help me?” Steph asked. Jamie nodded unbuckled her belt as steph moved her chair back so her younger sister can have room. When Jamie was under Steph she licked her lips and slowly played with her clit. Steph moaned and began to squirm and twitch under her sister’s hands.
“STOP TEASING ME!” she yelled. Jamie smiled a slutty smile and gently licked her sister’s pussy. Her juice tasted so good she was hooked. She shoved her face in and started lapping it like a dog. Steph moaned even louder.
“AHHH! YES EAT MY CLIT SIS!” while the sister had their fun Jenny was bout to cum.

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   She fucked herself harder and faster until she felt stiff and she cried out. As the orgasm subsided she collapsed onto the seat as she watched her best friend eat her sister who now was yelling and squirming so much.
“YES! YES! THAT’S IT EAT MY CLIT! I’M CUMMING!” and with a final twitch she went stiff as her juice sprayed her sister. When her orgasm died down she was panting as her 36d were bouncing from her heavy breathing.
“god…. you slut…you…. your getting better at…. this!” she exclaimed through each breath. Jamie smiled and said.
“My turn make me cum too sis!” Steph shook her head I need to rest. Jamie looked sad and Jenny took her courage to speak.
“I’ll try,” she said in a soft voice. Jamie turned and saw her friend’s wet little cunt. She nodded and crawled to the back and spread her legs open when she was on her back and comfortable. Jenny lowered her head and licked her friend’s pussy.

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“oh!” Jamie said. Jenny stopped.
“sorry I knew I was bad,” she said pulling back.
“no, no you just touched my clit keep going at it. ” Jenny hesitated for a second then lowered her head again and licked the clit again. Jamie moaned this time and grabbed her friend’s head shoving it in. Jenny was soon hooked and licked like crazy. In five minutes Jamie was screaming I’M CUMMING and squirted all over the car but mostly into her friend’s mouth.
“God that…. was hot!” Jenny said. Jamie smiled. “you’re a little good licker too!” Jenny smiled.
“I want to try too!”
“I can’t hun I need to catch my breath. ” Jenny looked at Steph who nodded. Jenny smiled and sat where Jamie sat during the ride and pushed her chair back and down a bit.

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   Jenny got in between her legs and looked at her wet little cunt. She smiled and shoved a finger feeling how wet and tight she was. Jenny moaned as she grabbed a tit and began to play with it.
“ah god don’t…don’t stop!” she whispered. Steph smiled and put second, third finger into her and finger fucked her.
“AHHH I’M…. . I’M CUMMING!” she yelled as a wave of pleasure washed over her but Steph didn’t stop and another wave hit her. She came five times before Steph stopped. It took Jenny 5 more min to calm down.
“GOD…. . THAT…. THAT WAS…THE BEST!” she said warily. “CA…CAN WE DO.

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  . IT AGAIN?”
“some other time baby, people are getting here as the road was being filled up they quickly got dressed and pretended to listen to music. Jenny smiled to herself and new this was a start of a great pls this is my first story tell me how it is i'll decide if i'll make another one
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