There Can Be Only One Ch 31


There Can Be Only One Ch 31

“Have you eaten?”

Ross had hardly got in the house when his mother enquired, as she stood before the hall mirror doing the final adjustments to her hair.

“No…I am not hungry…why…where you going?”

“I am off to stage a house that’s having an open house this weekend…you know the one…its that really big one I mentioned a few weeks back…just waiting for your gran to arrive and then she will follow me to the place”

“What…the one that belongs to that American guy that only uses it about two weeks a year?”

“Yes…that’s the one…”

“Wouldn’t mind seeing that…can I come…why is gran going?”

“She said she would help tonight as I won’t have another chance this week to do it”

Ross went and stood behind his mother and looked at her reflection in the mirror. Alice smiled back at her son as she continued to run the brush through her short brown hair. Her smile faded slightly when she felt her son’s hands take both her breasts and playfully squeeze them.

“Not now sweetheart…Gran will be here any moment”

Ross tweaked the erect nipples one final time before he released the soft malleable mounds, kissing his mother gently on her neck…god she smelled good.

“Didn’t your friends mum feed you then?”

“You what?” Ross was once again taken by surprise by the question until he remembered that he had told his mother that he was going around to a friend’s house to do some homework together… “No…she offered but I am not really hungry…”

“Well there is plenty … Ohh”… Alice Gorman was stopped in mid sentence when she felt her son’s hands slide over her ass and gave it a fairly hard squeeze through the material of her skirt…

“Not wearing panties I hope”

Alice blushed… “No…” she laughed… “You won’t let me”

Ross laughed back… “You love not wearing them… you slut”

The submissive mother only response was to wiggle her bottom against the groping pair of hands as she continued to giggle.

The confident teen replaced his hands back on the round soft breasts of his mother, pulling her back onto his hardening cock as it strained against his jeans…

“You sure we haven’t got time?”

The decision was taken away from the weakening woman when both she and her son jumped to the ring of the front door bell…

Alice spun around and gently gave her son a peck on his lips … “When I get back…promise”

Ross watched as his mother straightened her skirt before opening the door to his grand mother. In the past he would have tried to make a hasty getaway before the mature woman would have a chance to crush him in a hug almost into submission…but this time…aroused as he was… he looked at the ageing woman in a different light.

He had never thought about his gran sexually before…but then again he had not thought about his mother to any great extent in a sexual manner until recently…so…

Ross stood still as the big breasted woman enveloped him in that familiar embrace pulling him into the plethora of soft flesh.

“How is my little treasure then?”

Ross hated when she called him that but she had from the moment he was born…or so he was told. He was tempted to show her his ‘jewels’ as he felt his cock still strain against the restraining jeans, but resisted and smiled his usual cheesy grin. He wondered if she could feel his cock as she still held him close to her…he could certainly feel the soft breasts press into his chest. Intuitively he pushed his groin into the embrace…there would be no doubt she would have felt his erection pressed against her.

Jill Bridger felt her grandson’s cock pressed against her, gazing into his eyes in disbeliefbefore breaking the embrace pushing him away, her whole body warming up as the embarrassed flush raced through her body.

“Re…ready” the embarrassed sixty something spluttered to her daughter as she turned to leave the awkward situation.


Ross wandered from room to room in what was the coolest house he had ever been in.

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   His mother and grandmother had reluctantly agreed to him going with them on the strict provision that he did not touch anything, while they went around doing what they could to make sure that the house was in prime condition to make a sale this weekend. Ross thought the house was perfect and if he had the money he would buy it in a jiff.

The house, fully automated with every conceivable gadget on the market, Ross could not resist tinkering with all the buttons and controls, ignoring the occasional censure from the two women, who were starting to wish they had stuck to their initial decision not to let Ross accompany them.

If Ross was impressed with the main and upper floor of the modern house his jaw dropped in disbelief when he stood on the bottom step of the basement. His eyes slowly scanned the vast room that lay before him, with the exception of what he must have been a few support walls and columns it was completely open plan covering at least half of the floor plan. He would never leave that basement if he lived there.

He moved about, rolling a ball on the full sized pool table. . . jumping on the exercise bike, peddling a few times before hopping off and throwing a couple of darts at the board. He looked through the large glass wall that housed the huge home cinema complex…touching the small round silver disk on the glass and jumped back slightly when the dark curtains inside the wall started to close automatically.

He sat momentarily on one of the four stools that were positioned in front of the well stocked bar…swivelling around on it taking in the total ambiance of what was any male’s perfect den. The walls were soft white, brightened by a splattering of colourful abstracts. On one wall was a huge pair of predominantly red artwork of naked male and female torsos. The tables and surfaces had equally semi erotic sculptures and artefacts of earlier civilisations.



He rose and walked to the far wall, easing open the door, and flicking on the light switch illuminating the room that made his jaw drop even more in awe.

The huge glass patio doors opened onto a terrace which housed a swimming pool and hot tub, lit with subtle lighting which only added to the overall grandeur of it. There was a small room with a glass wall which he assumed to be a wet steam room since the walls, flooring and seating were covered in white tile.

Peering through the small window through the adjoining room, he could make out the sauna in the dim red glow.


Jill Bridger could not believe her eyes as she peered through the small window. The unabashed youth was lounged out on the spruce bench…his body glistening with sweat as he basked in the dry heat of the sauna. What was even more shocking was the size of his penis and balls as they hung between his parted thighs.

Lost in a world of his own, Ross’s head was thrown back as he absorbed the therapeutic heat, wiping the sweat from his dripping body periodically. He had not noticed the face that peered at him through the window for the past few minutes.

The shocked grandmother was unable to tear her eyes away from her grandson… whose body she had not seen naked since she gave him a bath when he was a toddler staying with her and grandpa. She swallowed still disbelieving how he had grown.
Jill Bridger alone now in the house with her grandson as she had offered to finish off the final preparations to the house when Alice received a call from her husband that he was arriving home earlier than he was expected from his trip, and could she go collect him up at the airport. The plan was for the elder woman to spend another hour doing what was necessary and then run Ross back home.

It was about a two hour trip each way to the airport and no doubt would have to wait for the passengers to clear customs so it would not be until the early hours of the morning before the Gormans would be back home…too late for Ross.

Ross had never been in a sauna and since it was heated anyway, he saw no reason not to try it as he had an hour to kill before his gran would run him back home.

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   He had stripped of naked leaving his clothes piled on the floor outside the wooden room.


Jill Bridger stared through the small window at the prone youth, quite unashamedly laying there, deciding what she was going to do about the situation…she couldn’t just open the door and tell her grandson to come out…and if she knocked on the door that would mean that he would know that she had seen him in there naked anyway.

Her jaw dropped when she saw the teen slide his hand over his shiny belly and cup his hanging balls …swallowing on seeing him openly massage them before his hand shifted to grasp his hardening cock, slowly stroking it as it visibly grew in his palm…my god he is going to masturbate.

Ross had a slight smile to his lips as he noticed the face peering through the small window. He pretended he had not noticed and wanted to shock his gran. Thoughts of anything sexual with her had not crossed his mind until he remembered the huge soft breasts that had been pressed against him an hour or so ago as she gave him that hug. He started to imagine his hands on those huge melons.

Jill was transfixed on what she was looking at, unaware that her grandson was deliberately masturbating for her benefit…

At 62, she still was sexually active with her husband…not as often as she wished but still…maybe twice a month, usually at her instigation …and with his inability to maintain an erection for any length of time, the majority of times she satisfying him with her mouth…and her husband using one of her many toys on her to bring her satisfaction. They had thought about getting Viagra but had never actually got around to getting some.

Her tongue snaked out and slowly slid along her upper lip, gazing upon the full glory of the youth’s manhood as he released it from his grip. He sat there with his knees apart…the erect cock standing proud above a pair of balls that put even her own husbands to shame…although she mentally compared her husbands cock to that which her eyes were feasted upon and recalled them being about similar in size when he was in his prime. But those balls…her husbands were never larger than a pair of marbles …these were the size of plums.

Her eyes slowly drifted up when she saw no attempt by the pair of hands to continue with its massaging of the hard flesh…quickly ducking to the side in total embarrassment when she saw her grandson’s eyes peer straight at her…she could feel her whole body shake and her heart thump at being caught peeking.

With her back pressed hard against the warm wood of the cabin, she felt her knees go weak as she saw the door open slowly…sucking in and holding her breath as her grandson appeared before her…naked as the day he was born, coated in a shimmering blanket of sweat.

Ross remained silent as he smiled at the red faced woman…taking pleasure at her unease for a moment before turning and entering the shower cubicle next to the log cabin.

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The mortified granny seemed to be frozen as she did nothing but watch speechless as her naked grandson closed the clear shower screen door and heard the shower spring into life.

Even when the sound of the shower stopped, Jill had not moved from just outside the sauna seemingly rooted to the spot, unable to shake from her mind the size of grandson’s cock and balls. She looked across to the cubicle when the shower door opened. Ross stood there as rivulets of water ran down his muscular body…knowing full well what he was doing did not try to conceal his nakedness.

“Pass me a towel…please gran”…there was a huge grin upon his face.


“Don’t want to drip all over the floor”

The confused mature woman jumped into life and sped to the rack of clean white towels…selecting the top one, she turned and held her hand out trying as best she could not to look at her grandson.

Ross made no attempt to reach out and take the towel from the floundering hand as it edged towards his wet body until he felt the hand fleetingly touch his chest, quickly recoiling on initially contact. His grand mother stood no more than 2 feet away.

Rather than take the towel from the clutching hand, the confident youth grasped the quivering hand and slowly dragged it down his chest to his tummy.

Jill Bridger did not pull her hand away from the grasp of her grandson but allowed it to be drawn down towards…she held her breath…relieved that it had stopped where it did.

“Ross…please take the towel…I shouldn’t be here…”

“You know you want to…”

“I…I do not…” her eyes shot up to his

“What don’t you want to do?”

Jill was caught…what didn’t she want to do…look at the rippling body…dry it…touch her grandson…


Ross started to guide the hand over his upper torso pressing the soft towel against his skin; drying the water droplets from his body until eventually he felt the little resistance to his manipulation fade. Releasing the wrist completely he stared back into the eyes that were fixed upon his.

“We. . .

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  ” the mature woman’s mouth was starting to dry up as she swallowed in disbelief of what she was doing…running a warm soft towel across her adolescent grandson.

Ross smiled as the uncomfortable woman slowly ran the towel over his practically hairless chest…and upper tummy. Her hand slowly followed the twisting body as the teen turned slowly so his back to her.

Jill could not stop from looking down at her grandson’s taut bottom as she continued to dry the naked youth. The gentle sweeping of her hand moving closer to his bottom with each wipe. She held her breath when she finally felt that soft ass flesh… separated from the palms of her hand by the soft towelling. Her hands automatically clenched tighter as she restricted her movements to the cheeks of her grandson. She could not believe that she was groping her own grandson’s ass cheeks.

Ross twisted his head around to look at the woman whose eyes were focused on where she was drying before turning slowly back to face her…the pair of hands staying in contact with the his body as he twisted back around.

Jill’s eyes shot up when the back of her hand came into contact the now erect cock staring at the teen’s face. She abruptly withdrew her hands and held the towel up for the boy to take from her hands… “Ross…. ”

“You dry it…”

“Ross…no…” Her words spoken in a whisper with little conviction as she shoved the towel hard against his chest waiting for him to take it from her hand.

When Ross made no move to take it, the embarrassed woman threw it at him and started to walk away from the grinning boy.

“Fine…will tell mum that you saw me naked…”

The shocked grandmother of three children could not believe what she had heard and stopped dead in her tracks.

“And that you even offered to dry me”

“But…I didn’t…” spinning around to face her accuser.

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Ross just smiled… “Ahh…but you did…and besides…who will mum believe…?”

Jill Bridger’s mind was in turmoil.

“I…why…,” the dumbstruck woman stared at the young teen who seemed completely at ease with his nakedness. “Ross…please …we must…”

“Pick it up and dry me…” the sexual affairs that he had lately had given him confidence had and it showed in his commanding voice.

“Please Ross…” the gulping woman looked over her shoulder towards the stairs…hoping that her daughter had not returned to see this…or perhaps hoping she had so that she could put an end to this folly.

“Do it…”

As the bewildered woman blankly stooped down to pick up the crumpled towel she had to move her head slightly to the side to avoid the penis that now stood firmly pointing up, laying pressed against the teens belly…she swallowed knowing that she was about to do something that she had not done since the boy was four years old…dry his peepee.

Ross adjusted his stance, slightly parting his legs whilst keeping his arms by his side. He looked directly at his grandmother’s face as she rose with the look on her face that he had come to recognise in many of his lover’s eyes…one of inevitable acceptance.

The mature woman fleetingly brushed the towel over the genitals before sliding down to wipe his upper thighs. As she squatted to dry his calves, her face came within a few inches of the hard angry flesh.

She swallowed having not seen a cock so swollen in a long time and spent a little longer drying his lower legs than any other part of him.

Ross smiled as he gazed down at the big chested woman, catching her inadvertently lick her lips as her eyes gazed at his erect cock. His hand moved towards his cock holding it firmly in his hand he started to slowly wank up and down the hard shaft to a disbelieving woman.

“Ross…. ” Her voice was strained

The audacious teen remained silent as his hand continued to stroke his throbbing flesh as the woman made no attempt to get up from her squat position, mesmerised with the illicit behaviour of her grandson.

Without speaking, he pressed down as he stroked, bringing the tip of his cock closer to the gazing woman’s face.

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   The automatic action of the gawping woman was to shy away slightly.

Jill twitched when she felt the hand rest on her head and pushed back against the increased pressure. She knew what he wanted but her moral instincts would not allow her to…even though she was sorely tempted.

“No Ross…no” as she forced her head away from his glistening cock head…with a pearl of precum forming at the piss hole.

“Suck it gran…. suck your grandson’s cock”

Jill Bridger’s mind was telling her to stop, rise and walk away from the hard flesh that was just a few inches away from her face, but her tongue snaked across her upper lip again as she swallowed hard.

“Suck it …take my cock in your mouth and suck my spunk from it…”

Jill’s words were so softly spoken that Ross could not quite make them out…but his hand grasped the soft hair of his grandmother’s head when he felt her lips gently kiss the cock head, before opening up and her tongue licked the precum from the tip.

The excited youth once again adjusted his stance for better balance as he slowly started to guide his cock in and out of the old woman’s mouth in a deliberate fucking motion.

The sucking granny sinking from the squatting position onto her knees, allowed the youth to dictate the speed and depth of his thrusts. She had long been able to take her husbands cock into her throat without gagging and after a couple of early reflexes kicking in, she felt at ease with the much harder knob slipping into her tight gullet.

Her right hand slid around to feel the flexing ass of the teen, pulling it closer each time the thrusting cock slid down her throat…her left hand slid up to fondle her grandson’s huge plums that formed his balls. She could hear her daughter’s son use words that degraded her in a most derogatory manner, intermingled with guttural moans as he used her mouth.

Harry Bridger was never this forceful or rough…in the forty years they had been married not once did he ever use such foul language in front of her…and never called her the names her grandson was at that precise moment…she could not understand why she did not stand up and stop him…

Ross could feel his spunk rising much more quickly than he had thought it would. He was tempted to pull out and calm himself down…he wanted to get his hands on those massive udders of his grandmother…feel the soft pulpy flesh…but…

The kneeling woman could tell the signs…she had felt it often enough when she had her husbands cock in her mouth. She had become accustomed to the taste and texture of the male semen and readily swallowed it…much better than spoiling the moment by searching for the tissues to clean up the sticky mess.

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She knew she should not allow her grandson to complete in her mouth…she shouldn’t be letting him put his penis in her mouth to begin with…but all she did was to suck harder on the swelling flesh encouraging it to spurt its creamy seed down her throat.

What Jill was not prepared for was the force and copious amount of seminal fluid that erupted in her mouth. Surprised, her natural instinct was to pull away from the pumping cock, and in the time it took her to recover, her face was coated in the slimy semen with Ross holding his cock, squeezing the last of his sperm out of the still hard cock.

The used grandmother parted her lips and allowed her assailant to push his oozing flesh back into her mouth…automatically sucking the last of his seed from the tube. The taste was stronger and the texture thicker than that of her husband…but that did not prevent her from sucking the cock clean of its mucus. She could feel the goo slide down her face.

Ross now temporarily sated, eased his prick from the sucking mouth, and looked upon the kneeling woman with a smile upon his face. He knew he had her but he had to make sure he could continue to have her when ever he chose.

Without saying a word he walked to his discarded jeans, fishing out his phone with the bewildered kneeling woman remaining upon her haunches…her eyes glassy…her mind guilt ridden.

Jill Bridger could only look down at her hands clasped in her lap…she stared at her dark blouse now stained with large globs of semen that had dripped off her chin. Her head shot up when she saw the flash…her mouth open in a silent scream as another was taken by her grinning grandson.

Ross walked back to mature woman holding his now semi flaccid cock in one hand the camera in the other. He lifted the shining flesh offering it to the shocked woman’s lips. The flash of the camera made Jill blink.

“Suck it…take it in your mouth”

Jill could only shake her head in refusal.

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Ross, adept in using one hand to manipulate his phone pressed a few keys before holding the screen close to his grand mother’s eyes.

There was a loud shriek… “Noooo” when the old woman registered what she was seeing.

“Recognise the number…it’s mum’s…. and I will send the picture you are seeing to her cell phone if you don’t open your fucking mouth. ”

It took a few seconds for Jill Bridger to realise that the wicked teen would do as he threatened…she slowly opened her mouth and slid her head forward to take the shiny cock head between her lips.

With her eyes closed, she could still see the flash of the camera as it captured more of her incestuous illicit act. Tears started to flow down her cheeks.


Jill Bridger could not believe that she was naked in the hot tub with her grandson. She had flatly refused his earlier instructions to first show him her breasts…and was totally taken aback when he massaged her sagging orbs after she exposed them on threat of an even more incriminating picture being sent to her daughter.

She could not deny that shocks of pleasure shot directly from her nipples to her pussy when he took the teats in his mouth and suckled them…god she even placed her hand on the back of his head pulling him closer into her bosom. She yelped when the eager teen was a little too enthusiastic and bit onto her engorged nipple that first time…but she did not stop him from subsequently chewing and biting them.

She looked at her grandson who lay with his head thrown back, eyes closed, enjoying the sensation of the bubbling water as it caressed his body…she wondered what was running through his mind.

Jill could not believe that she was blackmailed into stripping completely naked…and with each new section of flesh being exposed that damn camera flashed. With each flash she knew she was being drawn further and further into his evil clutches…and each time when she asked why all he would answer was … “There Can Be Only One”…. What the fuck did that mean? God he even had her using profanities that had never slipped from between her lips before.

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She could feel her cunt react slightly on recalling how Ross had taken it a step further to actually copulating with her. If… it was not so wrong and she was not so guilt ridden she would have enjoyed it…the feeling of a real hard cock in her instead of those horrible plastic substitutes certainly aroused her, but she fought her body’s reaction to the wonderful sensations it was getting.

The grandmother shifted slightly on the tiled seat allowing the jet that was directly on her cunt…for some reason she enjoyed using that word now…so the blast of warm water hit her directly on her tender asshole. There seemed little point in not joining him in the tub…what more could be done to her that hadn’t been already done.

She blushed as a shiver ran through her whole body on how she allowed her grandson to fuck her where only on two previous occasions the tight passage had been penetrated…. both times by the gloved hand of her doctor. God…she didn’t even try and resist him when she first felt a finger…then two… probe that forbidden hole. She even moaned a satisfied groan when she felt the cock head push past the sphincter and enter the sensitive anal passage.

The sensations she felt were unbelievable…maybe the forbidden taboo of it all added to the feeling…and she could so easily have allowed herself to forget who was fucking her rear passage and join in by pushing back to meet the thrusts but it was not right…she should notbe enjoying it…but she was. . .

She stared at her grandson who had a smile upon his face…a smile that she no doubt had put there with her allowing him to use her in a way she should not have. To her he was still that little baby she cradled in her arms, the small boy she took to the swing park…the cheeky nine year old …but now…

The mature grandmother’s hand slipped between her cunt lips and past her perineum …her middle finger finally teasing her butt hole. She could still feel the initial pain when the thick cock head forced open the tight sphincter…even though it had been well lubricated with the soapy fingers of her assailant as she faced the shower wall…her ass pushed out and cheeks spread apart, exposing her puckered ring to the gaze and probing fingers.

She slipped her own finger into the now accommodating back passage feeling its muscles tighten around middle digit…making her vagina throb all the more, as she closed her eyes thinking how wrong it was and yet how much pleasure it gave her.



Lost, deep in her own thoughts, Jill slowly finger fucked her anal passage for a minute or so re-living the nasty incestuous past hour. As her eyes slowly opened, her jaw dropped on seeing the teen staring right back at her. She wanted to withdraw her finger but she could not…frozen with embarrassment.

“Dirty bitch…. you love your ass being fucked…” There was laughter and ridicule in Ross’s voice.

Jill, shocked into action by her grandson’s words quickly withdrew her finger, her whole body blush…words of denial could not come from between her lips…she wanted them to…but could not.

Ross reached out and pulled on the large breasts as the rippling, bubbling water lapped about them…moulding them…squeezing…and pulling on those huge elongated nipples. He could feel his cock grow to full erection as the blood rushed to it.

“Turn around” his voice husky and commanding.

Jill Bridger did as she was told…her mind saying no…but her body defying it.

The aged body did not look its full 62 years…it had grown a little plumper but still, she was not overly ashamed of it. She had always thought her breasts were too large, but she got a lot of pleasurable from them, as they were sensitive…and her husband certainly found them enjoyable to play with. What she did feel ashamed about was being so willing to do as her grandson wished…and even pulling her own cheeks apart once more exposing her asshole to the gaze of her grandson.

Jill bit her lower lip lightly when her asshole was once more forced open by the hard fleshy head of Ross’s cock. This time she did not have the comfort of the soapy smaller digits that prepared her for her first ever anal sex she had experienced earlier in the shower…but she wanted him to take her…to use that nastiest of places for his pleasure…and hers.

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As she leaned forward, supporting her upper body by leaning on the outer floor of hot tub…she slowly started to push back to meet her grandson’s thrusts…silently pleading with him to pull harder on her teats…she had never felt so degraded and yet so aroused in all her 62 years.

The silent voice in Jill’s head answering the verbal abuse her foul mouthed grandson was whispering in her ear. She agreed with him that she was a whore…his slut…his to call and use when ever he wished…his sex slave.

Her whole body shook as she felt her ass being pumped full by the thick creamy enema. She pushed back onto the thick member that was embedded in her ass forcing the spurting head deep within her bowels. The climaxing gran pinched her throbbing clit as she felt nails dig deep into her pendulous breasts…before slumping forward trapping the hands that still grasped her tits as she felt the final few lunges behind her.


The conversation during the drive home was a one sided affair.

Jill Bridger’s mind was not totally focused on what her grandson was saying…although she did utter the occasional objection to some of his demands, they were abruptly cut short and, her agreement to the ‘requests’ accepted with a reluctant nod of her head.

Her mind was still reeling from what her grandson had done the moment they had sat in the car.

The shocked grandmother could not erase the image of the picture her grandson showed her on his mobile phone. She was naked, bending over, her own hands holding her ass wide apart showing her used anus…her pendulous breasts swinging free as she peered over her shoulder …an uneasy smile clearly seen etched across her face.

She could still hear her own scream as her grandson pressed the send image button on the phone…


There was a single tear running down the cheek of Alice Gorman as she sat silent in the car, her husband chattering away about his trip as he drove them back from the airport.

The disbelieving mother’s left hand still shaking as she clutched her phone …her mind unable to dispel the picture her son had just sent her…



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