My bodies telling me something!!


“Go to your room boy! I don’t want to see you for the rest of the night!” My dad shouted at me as we arrived home, we had just came straight from school where I had just been suspended for two weeks for fighting not that I cared because after what happened I couldn’t face going back. My name is John, I’m sixteen and if I was to describe myself I would say that I was attractive, I am 5’10 around 154 pounds, with a very athletic build, short hair and a decent sized cock for my age at around six and a half inches, I keep myself well groomed and I like to keep active, my dad’s a personal trainer so he is always helping me train. Anyway I quickly run up to my room and slam my door and dive onto my bed. All I can think about was what had happened that day and that there was no way people would forget what happened or ever stop teasing me about it. Most of all I was angry with my body for doing what it did.
An hour went by when I heard some footsteps coming up the stairs, I knew it was my dad and sure enough moments later my dad opened my door and stepped into my room. I sit up on my bed and watch him move over towards me and sit beside me on my bed. He sighs and looks at me,
“Are you going to tell me what happened at school today,” He said,
“Nothing,” I reply,
“Never mind nothing boy, you don’t just get into a fight for nothing!” He shouted,
“It doesn’t matter,” I reply,
“You better tell me son! Why did you hit James and Ben?” He said,
“They were taking the piss out of me!” I shout, shortly before feeling a hand slap across my face,
“Watch your mouth! Why would they tease you?” He asked,
“Because,” I said,
“Because what?” He said, I did not want to tell my dad about what had happened,
“Because they were alright!” I snapped,
“Well if you ever want to see the outside of this house again you’d better tell me!” My dad shouted,
“It was because of what happened in PE,” I said,
“What happened in PE?” He asked, the truth twisted around inside me and I did not want to tell him but it was about to burst out of me,
“Because I got an erection in the showers,” I said, I immediately regretted telling him and he just looked at me stunned,
“You got an erection in the showers?” He asked,
“Yes! And Ben said it was over him and he started calling me a fag and a homo,” I replied,
“And are you?” He asked,
“No!”I replied,
“Well men don’t just get hard for no reason, you must have been stimulated in some way,” He said,
“No I was just standing there, he turned around, I only saw it for a second, I didn’t even realise I was hard,” I said,
“Then you must have liked what you saw, have you ever had gay thoughts?” He asked,
“No!” I stressed,
“You may just be bi curious, that’s okay, you just need to work it out for yourself, we all have these thought from time to time it’s only natural,” He said, I was really uncomfortable about this conversation,
“I don’t like men okay dad!” I said,
“Okay prove it,” He said,
“What?” I said confused,
“Prove you don’t like men,” He replied,
“How,” I asked,
“Stand up,” He said while standing up himself before helping me up,
“Why,” I asked, while standing next to him,
“Drop your trousers,” He said,
“Don’t be stupid,” I replied in disgust,
“Fine,” He said before unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his jeans and sliding them down,
“What are you doing?” I ask,
“Take a look,” He replied before removing his boxers, revealing his soft dick. I stand there trying not to look,
“What the hell dad!” I say,
“Look at it,” He insisted, so I do I look down at his cock, I slowly let my eyes wonder over his impressive organ, from his neatly trimmed pubic hair down over his long thick shaft which even while soft was still quite large at around five and a half inches, I even saw his balls,
“Anything,” He asked,
“Nope nothing, now can you go,” I said,
“Prove it,” He said,
“No,” I reply,
“Cause you’re hard,” He said,
“No I’m not,” I say,
“Prove it!” He said, with that I quickly pull down my trousers and my boxers in one swift motion,
“See,” I say, although feeling a little inadequate next to his length,
“Hold on,” He says and he slowly moves his hand towards his penis taking hold of it in one of his large hands, he begins to rub it in front of me and I watch as it slowly grows bigger in his hand and for a split second I wanted it, I wanted to know everything about it, how big it is fully hard, how it would taste and what would it feel like in my arse, these were the first gay thoughts I had ever had and my body had responded,
“Looks like you like that,” He said with a smile on his face, I quickly look down and see my penis once again betraying me and pointing straight up at the ceiling. He stares at me intently trying to see how I react to the situation and although I do nothing this is all the encouragement he needs,
“You can touch it if you like,” He says, and again my body betrays me and my foot takes a step towards him and my hand reaches out. He slowly moves his hand to make way for mine taking a grasp of his impressive and yet still half hard penis which was now up to eight inches and still growing, now I have reasonably large hands but I could only just get my hand around it, it was so warm and smooth in my hand and I could feel the blood pumping into it making it bigger and bigger, I watch as my hand begins to stroke him in the same way as I had stroked myself many times. He then quickly removes his shirt which startles me and I take a step back, I then get a full glimpse of my dad as he stands there in front of me naked and with a full erection, for a man of thirty eight he is in fantastic shape, standing at 6’0” he has large firm pecks, toned abs, toned arms, firm legs and a solid nine and a half inch penis,
“It’s okay,” he said while reaching for my hand, he pulled me towards him and returned my hand to his penis and as I stroked his dick he reached around and began to rub my arse, this time I removed my shirt so that now I was standing there naked,
“Get down on your knees,” He told me, so I quickly positioned myself on the floor directly in front of him staring directly at his long shaft, I knew exactly what to do and I wanted to do it so much, I took a hold of his cock and pointed it towards my parting lips, I soon felt his dick touch the tip of my tongue as it entered my mouth and I became quite egger to get more of it into my mouth and soon I began licking and sucking on it while stroking it with my hand, he tasted so good and he moaned with pleasure in approval, I had now let my imagination run wild and I began licking and slurping my way over his dick which was now covered in my saliva, glistening in the light, I slapped my tongue and face with his dick causing a satisfying slap noise to fill the room, before returning it to my mouth when he grabbed the back of my head and pushed my head down on his cock taking it deeper than I had before, it quickly began choking me I begin to gag and retch on his long length as it forced its way down my throat, before releasing me so I could catch my breath causing a string of saliva to form between the tip of his penis and my bottom lip which I quickly slurped up, before he reached down and pulled me to my feet,
“Was that the first time you have sucked a cock?” He asked, looking all flustered
“Yes,” I reply,
“Then you’re a natural that was the best head I have ever gotten,” He said,
“Thanks I guess,” I reply,
“Come with me,” He says while taking hold of me and leading me out of the room, across the landing and into his room.

He stands me in front of the bed and goes to my mother’s dresser and opens the draw, he rummages around inside before pulling something out and stepping over to me, he walks around behind me, I feel his penis rub up between my legs and I squeeze my legs onto it, he leans forward,
“Bend over the bed,” He asks and I quickly do as ordered, and I drop down over the bed, I soon feel his hand on my arse, and I feel his finger rub along my arse crack concentrating on my virgin hole, I then hear a little click soon followed by a cold wet feeling on my hole and my dad applied lube to my hole, it was one of the greatest pleasures that I have ever experienced as he rubbed the lube into my hole, I then feel a firm pressure on my hole as he slowly begins to penetrate me with one of his large fingers and my hole quickly stretches to accommodate it, he fingers my hole a little before removing it and applying more lube making my hole extra wet and slippery this time his finger slides straight in and he quickly adds another which hurts at first but again after a few minutes both are sliding in and out freely, he then pulls them out and he moves me so I turn over and I stick my legs out to the side and into the air giving him full access to my hole, he moves between my legs and resumes fingering my hole adding yet more lube, his penis still standing to full attention, he now slowly adds a third finger but this time it slides in rather easily and totally pain free and I think he senses that I am ready, he now stops fingering me and now squeezes some lube onto his penis and begins to rub it along the full length and now he’s ready, he positions himself and looks up at me,
“Please fuck me dad,” I beg, I want this more than anything, all I can think about is his cock in be arse stretching it out and him pumping it in and out of me. I now feel his cock applying pressure to my hole, even the fact my hole took three large fingers it still has to stretch to fit, I feel my hole stretching before his head popped in, something that hurt quite a bit, but now he was in and he slowly began pumping his dick into me, I feel my hole stretch around his hard shaft, he’s taking small strokes as my hole adjusts and my inches in some more, at first he was taking one inch at a time thrusts and now I am taking three to four inch thrusts and he is getting faster, he then removes his cock from my hole before adding more lube and this time is slid in easily, I begin to get into it and I am trying to fuck back to meet his thrusts taking him deeper into me each time and soon he bottoms out in me, his full length bore deep in my arsehole while he thrusts firmly into me, I then realise that he has stopped thrusting and that it is me working his cock with my hole sliding up and down on him, I am now taking him easily in and out, as he resumes thrusting, I begin stroking my cock as I fuck him and he quickly moves my hand and takes over, he’s now beating my hard cock and he pounds my fuck hole, I gasp as I feel my orgasm building and he quickly realises this but instead of stopping he carries on,
“Let’s cum together,” She said, I can see from his face that he’s close and he really begins fucking me hard, I can feel my orgasm coming on like a train and I am unable to hold it and just as I release it he slams his cock into me and sperm erupts out of my cock, squirting all over me and him as the greatest orgasm imaginable violently takes over my body just as my dad is pumping his load deep into me while my hole clenches against his cock. Minutes go by and we both begin to come down from the extreme high of orgasm, he slowly slides his dick out of me quickly followed by his huge load that had been deposited in me running down onto the bed,
“Shit how am I going to explain that to your mother,” He said looking at the sheets,
“Just pour coffee over it and say you spilt it,” I reply,
“Good idea. So do you think you’re gay then?” He asked,
“I’m gay for you dad,” I reply,
“I think I will have to cancel all my appointments for next few weeks while you’re off school,” He said,
“Sounds great dad,”

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