James Makes Me His Bitch - Part 3


I finally bumped into James again about four months after our initial encounter. He saw me walking down the street towards the bus stop, pulled over, and shouted “Hey sailor, need a lift?” I smiled broadly when I saw who it was and he responded with a huge grin of his own. Sex aside, I really liked James and I believe he felt the same about me. When we met the first time, we talked about everything under the sun. He seemed honest and sincere. I told him I was just getting ready to get a bite to eat before heading back to the ship and asked him if he’d like to join me and bullshit for awhile as I was in no hurry to get back. He agreed and said he’d give me a ride back to base afterwards. I said, “Cool, let’s go. ” and we headed to a nearby restaurant. I was becoming aroused anticipating the ride back.
We went to a family restaurant nearby. It was a little after 9pm and the restaurant was sparsely populated. A couple of old men at the counter eating dinner and three nattering old ladies sharing a table. James steered us to a booth away from everyone else and we both ordered burgers and iced tea.
James wasn’t one to beat around the bush, and as soon as the waitress left with the menus he got a coy smile on his face and asked, “Well, was I right?”
I knew he was talking about my insistence that our tryst would be a one time thing. With a “you got me” grin I admitted that I had a number of encounters and had become somewhat of a bj slut.

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   He laughed out loud and asked if I was seeing anybody on a regular basis? I told him no, just chance encounters like he was. He nodded his head and switched subjects, talking about his day.
After we finished eating we swapped life stories. I told him about my past and what brought me here. He told me that he was 38, ex-military, originally from Nebraska but settled in San Diego for the weather and the laid back California atmosphere. After about an hour he asked if I was ready to go. He insisted on paying the tab saying, “I know how little you make,” and we headed out the door. I had to adjust myself before getting up from the table as I was now fully aroused. Was it anticipation, or was I actually attracted to this guy?
We got into his car and headed down the highway toward the base. About five minutes into the ride he made a remark about my aroused condition and asked if I was in a hurry to get back. It was Friday night and I didn’t have to be back until Monday morning. I told him that I had all night and he said, “Great, let’s go to my place. It’s a lot better than the front seat of the car. ” I was a little apprehensive and it must of showed on my face as he said, “Don’t worry, we’ll just have a couple of beers, watch some TV, and talk about whatever comes up. ” By this time my cock was throbbing beneath my waistband and I replied, “Let’s go.

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James’ apartment was nearby and we were there in a matter of minutes. He had a nice comfortable place. A living room with adjoining kitchen separated by a counter with a couple of bar stools. James turned on the TV and went into the kitchen to get a couple of beers. I made myself comfortable on the couch and he sat on one of the bar stools. We watched the news and then the sports. James was a baseball enthusiast and had several pieces of memorabilia around the apartment. We talked baseball and drank beer for the better part of an hour. James got up to get us another beer and when he returned, he sat down on the couch beside me.
I was not a drinker and this would be my fourth beer in a little more than an hour, but the buzz was having no affect on my libido. When James started rubbing my thigh I was rock hard and ready. He slid his hand to my crotch and began rubbing the length of my cock through my jeans. I let out a quiet moan followed by a soft sigh and James suggested we move the party to his bedroom.
James led the way. He opened the door to the bedroom which was dark except for the light spilling through the bathroom door.

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   He led me to the bed and started removing my T-shirt as I stood beside it. Again I was apprehensive but he told me to relax and started to unbuckle my belt. I felt like I may be crossing the line but I was hornier than hell and the beer was making me very receptive. I slipped out of my jeans, removed my socks and James gently pushed me onto the bed wearing only my under shorts. James undressed himself and then, kneeling beside me, removed my skivvies. So here I was! Tipsy, horny, and buck naked with another man.
James repositioned me on the center of the bed and laid my arms at my side. He spread my legs and laid on top of me. He asked me, “Have you ever been to bed with a woman?”
“Yeah” I answered, breathing heavily.
“Well tonight, you’re my woman. Lay back and enjoy. ” And with that he gave me a quick kiss on the lips.
Caught unaware, I turned my head away from him. He told me he wanted to make me happy and that he wouldn’t kiss me again until I was ready. He then started nibbling and sucking on my earlobes.

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   I felt his tongue in my ear and I shivered. He slowly worked his way down to my neck, sucking, licking, and kissing every inch. I was in heaven. Shivers coursed through my body at his every touch. I started imagining myself as his woman and I spread my legs farther apart. Our cocks pressed against each other and he was gently humping me causing delicious spasms in my loins.
He worked his way down to my nipples and sucked them to erection. I thought back to times when I did the same to my girlfriends and I envied them their ample breasts. I could no longer just lie there with my hands by my side. I thought of my girlfriends responses and acted in kind, running my fingers through his hair and massaging his shoulders as he made my nipples tingle. I rubbed his smooth muscular back, wrapping my legs around his buttocks. I wanted to please him like he was pleasing me.
As he worked his way over my stomach and down to my crotch I screamed for him to take me, not realizing what that meant. He licked my taut scrotum for what seemed like an eternity causing me to hump the air looking for the slightest friction. As a tease, he took my penis into his mouth and used his lips to caress it’s length without applying pressure, causing me to hump more air in wild anticipation.

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   When I thought it couldn’t possibly get better, he started kissing and licking my inner thighs causing them to quiver. He lifted my butt off the bed and shoved a pillow under my lower back. He pushed my legs back toward my head and then I felt his warm tongue probing my anus. The feeling was indescribable. It was like electricity was traveling from my anus, through my scrotum and up the shaft of my penis. My prick was throbbing, bobbing up and down uncontrollably.
Suddenly, James was on his knees, lifting my ass in the air with my ankles on his shoulders. I reached down between my legs and for the first time in my life, I was holding another man’s cock. He was rock hard. His cock was circumcised and very long, 8 or 9 inches, but very thin. I stroked the shaft softly several times and then, either out of embarrassment at the thought of holding another man’s cock or subconsciously knowing what was coming next, I shoved it down between my legs. James started slowly thrusting his hips and when I reached down again I realized that he was buried deep in my formerly virgin asshole.
It felt wonderful physically but more so mentally as I was now pleasing my man as he had pleased me. He built up a steady rhythm and I could feel his balls slapping against my ass. As James worked his cock in and out of my asshole I moaned loudly with every thrust, begging him to fill me with his cum.

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   Suddenly James’ back arched and stiffened and he cried out. I felt his juices flowing into me as his strokes slowed. When he pulled out I felt empty but thoroughly satisfied. He collapsed on top of me and I grabbed his neck and kissed him deeply.
James regained his composure and reached down between my legs and slowly stroked my blood engorged cock. I felt like I would explode in his hand and started humping his fist. Sensing my desperation he took my cock in his mouth and worked his tongue up and down the shaft, squeezing my balls firmly. I couldn’t take it any more and I begged him to make me come. James obliged, bobbing his head and applying pressure with his lips as I had the most explosive orgasm I had ever experienced.
We laid on our backs for awhile savoring the moment. James suggested we take a shower before going to bed and I agreed. When we got into the shower, James would not let me wash myself. He lathered my entire body, paying special attention to my genitals. After I rinsed off, I noticed that James was erect again. He smiled, turned me around, bent me over and took me again in the shower.

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   After we toweled off and climbed into bed, he treated me to another spectacular blow job.
As we lay in the darkness waiting for sleep to take us, James said, “I’d like to teach you some things. ”
I smiled to myself in the dark. I was going to enjoy being James’ bitch.



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