Turning Teen Runaways Into Harem Slaves


I was 55 and had just retired from my lucrative trucking business. I had made about 18 million dollars before I quit, and I had known for years how I was going to use that money to enjoy my retirement. I had spent my vacations and holidays having a special mansion built on a compound in the middle of nowhere, in rural Canada. I had set up soundproof rooms, torture chambers, cages, stables and a birthing room. I had had an extensive security system put in place that would alert me at least an hour before anyone venturing onto my 100 acres of property could reach the house.

Now I was ready to start building my harem.

I began driving through the US in my last semi, which I had had specially built to contain 18 hidden compartments. Each had soundproofing and insulation, and enough air and water supplies to allow someone to survive for weeks without being released from the compartment.

I worked my way through truck stops and rest areas, isolated bus stations and homeless shelters, picking out the young girls who would join my new family. I would entice a girl with a meal or some money, drug her and then handcuff her to the bed in the back of my truck cab. After moving some distance away from where I abducted her, I would perform an initial examination.

If the girl was not a virgin when I first checked her, or if she was a virgin but too ugly to keep her even as a pet, I would move her to a temporary cell in the back, then drive to a more isolated area and spend the next few hours in the soundproofed truck, raping her mercilessly, using her cunt, ass and mouth. When I was tired of her, I would make a phone call to a special service I had been introduced to some years back. Within an hour a van with darkened windows would pull up, and a crew of 3 or 4 men would come on board, pack my victim into a special wooden box, load her in the van and disappear, all within 5 minutes. The service would add $10K to my Swiss bank account, for bringing them another girl who would be shipped overseas to be a fucktoy or breeder for some third world rich bastard who craved white American slaves and didn't care if the girls weren't pretty or pure.

If my initial examination showed that her hymen was still intact, and she was pretty enough to bear my own children, I immediately moved her into one of my hidden compartments.


   I would cuff her wrists and ankles to hold her immobile, open a small space under her ass to catch any excrement or urine, and strap a water bottle where she could reach it if she stretched her mouth to it. There was a tube attached to the water bottle to allow me to refill it, and a special cleaning system in the bottom of the truck to clean out the body waste. I could do all of this with the push of a button in the cab. And best of all--I had night vision cameras installed in each compartment, so I could watch my young captives after they awoke, and screamed and cried in terror, wondering what had happened to them and what was their fate.

It only took me about three weeks to complete my initial hunt and head home. I had taken 18 young girls, all between the ages of 18 and 18. Seven were already on their way to Africa or the Middle East to become the most degraded of slaves. The other ten were tucked neatly into my semi. By spiking their water with high protein supplements, I was able to drive the whole way without opening any of the compartments after the initial placement there.

When I pulled into my compound, my head groom and my butler were both there to greet us. With the help of the other three grooms, all of the girls were unloaded and moved into their new quarters.

Three of the girls, all tall and big bosomed, were chained in stalls in the stables immediately. Another six were locked into cells or cages in the dungeon that ran under the house. The last girl, the youngest and most beautiful, was taken upstairs to my master suite. She was bathed by my female maids, then bound naked and spreadeagle onto my huge four poster bed.

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   Her name was also quite beautiful: Isabelle.

I quickly showered and then went to join my new slave. As I walked naked into the room, I was almost overwhelmed with the lust I had for her sweet young body. She looked at me, terrified, her huge blue eyes filled with tears, her strawberry blonde hair tangled, her perfect 34C breasts heaving as she struggled to breathe through the large red ball gag in her mouth. She had told me when I met her that she was 18, but looking at her now I guessed she was probably only 16, which just made me even more hard.

I explained to her that the rest of her life would be spent on this compound, and she would begin her new life as my slave and breeder immediately. I moved onto the bed, climbing on top of her, and began to fondle her gorgeous tits. I loved the look of horror and revulsion in her eyes, as she watched this grey haired man old enough to be her grandfather, begin to suck and pinch her full creamy breasts. I tongued her tiny perfect nipples, feeling them grow hard and longer between my teeth. I was firm but not sadistic with her, taking my pleasure sucking those fine tits as my hand moved down her taut belly, then between her trembling thighs. My rock hard 8 inch cock was pressed against her leg as I slid a finger between her pink pussy lips, feeling her jerk with shock at the sensation. I played with her clit with my thumb as I began work my finger into her virgin cunt. I felt her clit swell and her body respond against her will, her slit growing wet and easing my penetration into her unbelievably tight pussy walls. She wept and screamed into her gag as I slowly opened her up, pushing a second finger in to stretch her, but being careful not to touch her lovely delicate hymen. Finally I pulled out my hand and moved back up to her face.

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   I removed the gag. "Isabella, I'm about to make you a woman--my woman. I want to hear your cries and screams as I take your innocence, and begin the delicious work of impregnating you. You will not leave this house, and hardly leave this bed, until you have fulfilled your womanly duty to your master and are carrying my child. "

I moved back down, taking my position between her cruelly spread legs. For a minute I watched her strain helplessly to bring her thighs together as she sobbed and begged me to let her go, to not rape her. Then I began working the huge head of my thick cock into her tiny pink cunt. She began to scream hysterically as I pushed into her, an inch at a time. I had never felt such a tight pussy, and the thought that I had nine more virgins to fuck in the coming weeks almost sent me over the edge. But I focused back on Isabelle, incoherent with terror, screaming "NOOOOO, NOOOO, PLEASSSSE" as I finally felt my head push against her hymen. I leaned in and kissed her forehead. As I pulled almost all the way back out, I said "You are mine forever Isabelle," and rammed savagely into her virgin cunt, tearing her hymen open and ramming my cock all the way to her cervix in one stroke.

She arched upward and threw her head back, shrieking in agony, as I held my cock there, feeling her virgin blood running down my shaft and soaking the sheets beneath us. After a moment I pulled back almost all out again and rammed my blood covered cock in to the hilt once more. I could feel my thick shaft tearing her tiny hole open wider as my long cock stretched her inside even deeper.

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After five full ramming strokes, I began to fuck her less deeply but at a more rythmic pace. I could already envision her on her hands and knees on this bed, her belly round and heavy with my child, still servicing her master's cock with her mouth and ass. I had so much to teach her about how to please me.

I fucked her deeply and strongly for another 20 minutes. Several times she looked as if she would faint from the terrible pain and misery I was inflicting on her, but each time I slapped her hard across the face and she snapped back to attention. "Your focus is always, always on me, my slave," I told her sternly. "You have no other purpose but to please me. "

Finally I decided to have mercy on her, and after another minute of hard fucking, slamming my cock into and beyond her cervix, my body tensed as my balls unleashed a flood of my hot seed deep into her womb. She whimpered in dispair as my cock held my cum in her uterus, but she did not turn away or take her eyes from my face. I was pleased--my little treasure was already learning her lessons well.

As I remained locked inside her, I spoke to her gently. "You are lucky to be chosen as my first breeding, since your pregnancy will spare you from the whip and the crop this year, and by then you may be obedient enough not to need that kind of correction. Your sister slaves will spend much of this year covered with bloody welts and bruises, until they are properly trained. "

I sat up and without pulling out, I released her ankles from their restraints, pushing her knees up over her chest. Then I pulled my cock out, carefully holding her ass upward to keep as much of my seed inside her as possible.


   For a moment I just drank in the sight of her deep red, thick virgin blood smeared all over her cunt, and pooled under her, and dripping off the head of my cock. Then I leaned over and pushed a button on the bedside stand and one of the maids immediately knocked on the door and entered. I instructed her to take my place, holding Isabelle's knees in that position for the next half hour. I explained to my slave that this would help promote conception, and she began to weep again silently as I left the room. After half an hour she would be moved into her own bedroom on this floor. I had decided to house all my slaves in the dungeon or the stables, but when I was actively breeding them, I planned to pamper them a bit with a true bedroom, even if it had the same collars and restraints as the cells below.

I showered in my spa on the same floor, reliving and relishing the pleasure I'd had taking my first virgin cunt. I gave orders for Isabelle to be put on the prenatal diet suggested by my friend Dr. Collins, a reknowned OB/GYN and another sadist like myself. He and I had already agreed that he would attend to my slaves' medical needs, including the births of the many children I planned for them to have. In exchange he would have regular access to my girls for his own evil pleasures.

By the time I returned Isabelle had been removed from my suite, and the bed made up with fresh sheets. I decided to take a long nap--I'd had a long drive that day, in addition to attending to my first slave's education. As I drifted off to sleep, I decided to go down to the stables in the afternoon to see my new ponygirls put through their first day of training.

--To be continued--


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