At 13, My Dog Took My Virginity

Erotic Poetry

This is a true story. None of it is made up or exaggerated. This is the first time I’ve ever told my story to anyone, including my Husband, which is why I am using an e-mail address on Yahoo he doesn’t know about.   We are married for twenty years, and have three lovely children.   My husband and I have a normal sex life, (nothing kinky), and he still thinks I lost my virginity to my first boyfriend, Michael Schwarz. (Not his real name. )  He has no idea I actually lost it to our family Dog.
But after reading some Bestiality postings on the Internet, (my secret indulgence), I felt the need to write down my story and share it with someone.   I wanted to tell my private story of how I lost my Virginity.
MY STORY BEGINS when I was 18 years old.   I was helping my Mother with some chores around the house; I was in the basement, putting the laundry from the washing machine into the dryer.   My Mother was upstairs attending to my screaming newborn brother and my three-year-old sister, so she couldn't hear me shout at my dog Denver whenever he stuck his nose near my crotch.   Denver was a persistent crotch sniffer, which is why we kept him in the basement as much as possible.   My Mother said it’s a bad habit he’ll grow out of, as he often embarrasses her when he sticks his nose up under her dresses in front of company.
I was wearing a tee shirt over my swimsuit, as I have very fair skin and the tee shirt kept me from getting too much sunburn.   We had a swimming pool in our backyard, and when I finished my chores, I was going to cool off in it on this hot August afternoon.

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Denver kept sniffing between my legs every time I bent over to put more clothes into the dryer, and earned himself a few swats from me for sticking his nose where it didn't belong.   As I finished putting the last of the clothes into the dryer, I reached up into the cabinet above to get the fabric softener sheets out.   Denver followed closely and stuck his snout right up in-between my thighs and applied pressure to my vagina through the thin fabric of my swimsuit.   It sent a strange chill through me, but again, I pushed him down, tossed the dryer sheet in with the clothes and closed the door.   Once the machine started up, it was pretty noisy there in the basement.
Denver tried a few times to stand up on his hind legs, hopping around clumsily, trying to mount me as I headed for the basement stairs. He’s tried this for months, but he was much easier to push out of the way when he was a smaller dog.   I was pushing him down with my one hand, and I grabbed hold of the stair railing with the other.   As I lifted my foot off the ground to walk up the first step, Denver somehow passed me on the stair and pushed me backwards!  I fell off the bottom step and onto my butt on the cold cement floor with a thump!  I laughed, as I wasn’t hurt, and thought Denver was just being playful.
Denver was an oversized mutt Dad got us to protect the house when he was away on business trips; which was very often.   Denver was a pretty large puppy, and now he’s huge.   He’s still clumsy like a puppy, which means he’s probably still growing.   Someone told us he is mixed with a Bull Mastiff, which is an enormous breed of dog. When Denver stands on his hind legs, he can put his paws on my shoulders and look right into my eyes.   A few weeks ago, Dad told my Mother he wanted to get the dog neutered, but Mom said that was cruel, so it was never done.


    I don’t think Dad realized how horny and strong Denver was, but I digress.
I was a virgin, and I have never had sex of any kind.   All I knew of sex was what the Nuns taught me about the Birds and the Bees in my eighth grade Sexual Education class.   They covered the basic anatomy lessons with lots of warnings about ‘saving yourself’ for the right person, and how we should not have sex before marriage.
A girlfriend told me she masturbated, and told me how to do it.   Sometimes I would rub my clit with my fingers when I was in bed underneath the covers, but I never dared to insert my finger into my vagina.   I would rub my clit and feel the moisture between my legs getting stickier and warmer.   However, whenever I came close to an orgasm, I always stopped.   I didn’t know what was happening, and I was always too afraid to go any farther, even though it felt tingly and wonderful.
I once kissed Michael Schwarz, a boy from school, at a Halloween Party.   He then stuck his tongue into my mouth and it nearly made me vomit.   I was very immature at 18 years old, but this experience I’m about to tell you about made me grow up FAST.
Well, after Denver knocked me down onto the basement floor as I tried to leave, I got up smiling, and I grabbed Denver’s enormous head between my hands and planted a kiss on the tip of his nose. He returned my kiss with a wet lick from chin to forehead, which totally grossed me out.   I went to the laundry sink and bent over it to wash my face off, and Denver stood up behind me with his paws on my shoulders, clumsily trying to jump onto my back.

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    I felt a hot, sticky and wet hard thing being pushed roughly into the back of my thighs and butt cheeks as Denver kept jumping up behind me.   I turned around, knocking him down onto all fours.   I gasped when I saw his big, long red dick sticking out of the underside of his body!  My first reaction was to giggle, as it looked ridiculous, just bouncing all over the place with each move Denver made.
My second thought was to get away from him, as it was growing even larger!!  I turned and headed for the stairs again, but Denver ran after me at full sprint, and pulled me down onto my hands and knees with his paws!   He slid his strong arms down around my waist and started to poke his big wet, red penis all over my bottom trying to penetrate me!! 
I was in panic mode, and started to yell for my Mother at the top of my lungs.   But with the noise from the dryer, and my siblings upstairs crying, she didn’t hear me.   I was frightened and I knew she wouldn’t be coming to my rescue!  I kept reaching behind me to swat at Denver, but he was bent over my back and was moving his butt all over the place.   He didn’t seem to care as I slapped and pushed him repeatedly.   It was a good thing I was wearing a tee shirt over my swimsuit, as his nails were already scratching into my back and digging into my sides!
“Stop Denver!  No!  Get off!” I shouted, as I tried crawling away from him on my hands and knees.   He clung to my back, and his rear end was starting to really jerk back and forth.   He kept poking me all over my thighs and butt with that big red dick of his.   I was very frightened and completely helpless.   Escaping his strong grasp was nearly impossible!  I was crying for my Mother to help me, but in addition to all of the other noises in the house, I now heard Mom running the vacuum cleaner in the living room above me!  She would never hear me now.
Denver clung to my back and wouldn’t stop trying to rape me!  His hips were starting to thrust faster, driving his wet penis closer to my crotch!  I tried to roll out from underneath his massive body, but he pulled me back closer to him with his paws.   I twisted my hips to one side to try to squirm out of his grasp, but that only allowed his dick to push over the elastic leg opening of my swimsuit!
I was still yelling at Denver to stop, and I was now crying for my Mother.   Suddenly, I felt his hot, slimy hard dick push its way inside of the crotch of my swimsuit.

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    It was hot, wet and sliding across the outside of my vagina lips at a strange angle, smearing something wet and sticky onto my pussy hairs!  I tried again with all of my strength to crawl away, but that motion was all the assistance Denver needed from me.
He simply poked two or three more times, and the crotch of my swimsuit was roughly pushed aside! He slammed his penis into my virgin cunt without the slightest hesitation!  He busted through my hymen like it was never there, tearing me nearly in half!  His thick hot dick filled my vagina completely in one massive push, and he pounded and pounded away at me as I cried out with pain and humiliation.  
I stopped calling for my Mother and I stopped screaming at Denver.   I was silent. I stopped trying to escape, and just stayed still.   I must have gone into shock or something, as it was all so totally surreal.   This couldn’t really be happening to me!  But here I was on my hands and knees on the cold basement floor, as my dog continued to rape me with a speed and ferocity I never imagined possible.
Denver fucked and fucked me like a jackhammer!  Every slam inside of my vagina stretched me out wider and wider, allowing his huge dick to get deeper and deeper into my cunt.   He held onto my waist with all his strength, and he never stopped fucking me for a second.   He kept pumping and pushing, and never slowed down.   He pounded me faster and faster; his violent attack from behind never ending.
I still couldn’t believe I was actually having sexual intercourse with an animal!  And with each deep thrust and plunge of his enormous penis, my cunt walls were stretching to accommodate him.   Denver felt so large, powerful and hard inside of me.
My cunt stung and burned like hell from being so savagely attacked and torn when he first ripped into my body, but now I found myself somehow beginning to relax.   I was beginning to experience the new sensation of having something so large, hot and wet pounding its way deeper and deeper inside of my body.

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Soon I felt even more pressure around my now wet and gaping cunt hole.   It was Denver’s knot, trying to tie with me!  At the time, of course, I had no clue what was happening, but it panicked me enough that somehow I managed to flatten myself down onto the floor, and then I rolled out from underneath my dog. His huge red dick was yanked roughly out of my cunt with a popping sound, and he stood there, wondering how I got away. His hips and cock were still in full humping motion, and he awkwardly tried to mate with me again.
He was pumping the air, following me with a confused look on his face, but I was too quick for him this time.   I ran into the basement bathroom and quickly closed the door behind me.   But before I made my escape, I couldn’t help but to look back at Denver again.   His purple - red dick was all veined and was really long, thick and slimy.   There was this big bulbous thing near his body, which to me, looked like testicles, which I’ve seen in my Sex Ed Class Textbook drawings. I didn't know Dogs have knots to tie with their bitches so they cannot escape once he enters them.   I was lucky I got away from him when I did!
Once inside the safety and privacy of the bathroom, I needed to examine the damage Denver did to me.   There was a lot of pain, and blood and gook, (which I now know was precum), all over my crotch and inside of my thighs. There was blood from my hymen mixed with the slime, and I realized for the first time that I was no longer a virgin.   I had lost my virginity to a DOG!  The humiliation and shame I now felt was unbearable, and I cried while I sat on the toilet bowl and let the fluids inside of my newly deflowered vagina drip into the water below.
After a while, I cleaned myself up, washed the blood from the crotch of my swimsuit with some soap and water in the sink, and I left the bathroom.

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    I walked past Denver, who was now licking his genitals as he sat on the floor.   On very shaky legs, I went outside and jumped into our swimming pool before my mother noticed anything had happened to me.
I was floating around the pool on a raft, and I started to calm down at last.   The cold water against my vagina felt soothing.   Out of curiosity, I kept touching myself underwater to feel my cunt.   It felt so different now.   Of course, it was very sore, but it felt much bigger now. The lips around my vagina were swollen and thick, and felt so foreign to me.   I even dared to put a finger up INSIDE of my body; something I have never attempted when I would masturbate.   But since I was now no longer a virgin, I explored my cunt with both hands.   It felt stretched out and very large!   The change in my body stunned me!
There was still some light blood and some soreness, but there was also a warm, unusual feeling deep within my stomach.   I felt a hot, slightly slimy substance coming out of my vagina, and it made me feel tingly all over my body.   I felt hot and sexy. Even my nipples were hard!  I realized that I was sexually aroused thinking about how my dog raped me and how he violently took away my virginity!  I was confused and ashamed.   I felt dirty and used.

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    I felt like I did something terribly wrong and yet I still felt very, very horny!  What was WRONG with me?
My mother came out of the house with my brother and sister, and she told me she was going grocery shopping.   Since I was already in the pool, she said I could stay home instead of going along with her to help. I was so grateful I wouldn’t have to face my mother until I was ready to come to terms with what just happened to me.   Besides, I was feeling so horny and good right now, I didn’t want to go anywhere but back to the basement!
As soon as Mom’s car left the driveway, I got out of the pool and headed back into the house.   I practically ran down the stairs, calling for Denver, who was now napping on his dog bed.   He eagerly ran to me, and started to try to mount my shoulder.   I slipped my bathing suit bottoms off and sat down on a small piece of carpet in front of the washing machine and dryer and opened my legs wide.
In a split second, Denver sniffed between my legs, and licked me from butthole to clit in one long lap.   I remember never feeling anything that good before!!  I leaned back onto the front of the washing machine and opened my legs wide to Denver so he could have at me.
He licked my asshole, my wet cunt, and over my clit again and again.   The feeling was so amazing, I got wetter and wetter and the tingling feeling in my stomach got stronger!  I put my hands down to my crotch, pulling my vagina lips apart to give Denver all the room he needed to keep licking me.   I couldn't believe how good it felt, and how wet I was, and soon I started to feel that tingle in my stomach grow, as I got hotter and hotter! 
His large wet tongue was slightly rough, but it was much more muscular than a human tongue.   He licked my cunt hole, folding up his tongue somehow and shoving it deep inside.   He lapped the inside walls of my vagina, making me squirm. Denver snorted as his nose pushed against my clit, and his tongue was now doing gymnastics inside of my vagina.

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    The feeling was so strong, so hot and so amazing, I couldn’t believe it!  I just pulled my vagina lips as far apart as possible, so Denver could do whatever he wanted to me. Soon I exploded, cumming and cumming in spurts!  I never felt so good in my life!  Wave after wave of this wonderful and warm feeling kept rolling through my lower body, and Denver was there to lap up every single drop, taking me even farther into this newfound bliss called Orgasm.
The feeling became so intense, I couldn’t stand it anymore, and I actually had to push Denver away, practically begging him to stop.   It felt so amazing, yet my body was tingling and numb all over.
I still couldn’t believe everything that happened to me today.   Just replaying everything over again in my mind made me start to get horny once more!  If sex feels this good, why do they teach us in school we should ‘save ourselves’ until marriage?  The Nuns should spend a little while with Denver and they’ll never preach THAT in Sex Ed Classes anymore!
With that wicked thought in my mind, I smiled and kissed Denver on his soaking wet nose.   I pulled a towel from the dryer and wiped his muzzle dry of the ‘evidence’, and cleaned myself up as well.    As I inserted my finger into my vagina for the second time in my life, I kept reminding myself I was no longer a virgin, and somehow, it started to turn me on more.   I realized that two, then three fingers could now fit inside of my cunt easily!  And sliding them in and out, faster and faster, felt wonderful. My cunt hole was still sore from being viciously torn when Denver raped me, but the warmth and sticky fluids beginning to flow from my body started to get me curious about Denver’s anatomy.  
I reached forward, and tentatively touched his furry sheath.   Already, about three inches of his red doggy dick was protruding from it.   It felt hot and slippery, and when I ran my finger along its length, another three or four inches of his penis suddenly popped out.   He started to hump his hips forward again, ready to go another round.   This time, I was ready for him.


I rolled the towel up and placed it underneath my ass to bring my cunt up higher off the basement floor, while lying on my back on the little piece of carpet.   Denver was confused, as he fucked me from behind last time, and didn’t quite know where to stick his now pulsating and dripping cock.   He paced back and forth around my raised knees, looking for my ass so he could mount me again.   I sat up, and pulled him in-between my legs, and grabbed his dick with one hand, and spread my cunt lips with the other, directing Denver to enter my vagina.
It didn’t take him long to understand what I was doing, and he leaned forward, curling his hips around my bottom.   He put his paws onto my shoulders and with one massive thrust forward; he tore into my cunt again.   I lifted my legs up into the air and wrapped them around Denver’s back, while he pounded and pounded away unmercifully into me.   He was rough, and he never paused or became distracted.   He stared straight ahead of him and acted like nobody mattered but his hard, massive cock and getting sexual relief.  
His dick felt larger this time.   It actually felt like it was getting wider and fatter and longer somehow.   It felt so hot inside of me; I was growing even hornier with the constant hammering of his hot thick dick inside of me.   The scent of sex was in the air, and just thinking about the taboo way of losing my virginity to a dog was making me even wetter.
I started to feel that warm feeling growing deep inside of my belly, like I was going to cum.   I started to relax even more, and this allowed me to enjoy the steady deep thrusts of the huge dog cock inside my cunt even more!  I unwrapped my legs from around Denver’s back and placed them onto the floor.

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   This allowed him to push his massive dick even deeper into me.   He now filled me completely. I felt his hairy belly rubbing against my stomach, and felt him bouncing against my ass cheeks.   I put my hands onto his thighs, and felt the muscles ripple as he thumped and pushed his dick in and out of me faster and faster!
Denver had strength in his pelvis no human male could ever match.   His motions were strong, jerky, fast and rough, yet stimulating and forceful.   He didn’t give a damn about anything but his own satisfaction.   That is a trait dogs DO share with human males.
Suddenly, I felt something strange going on inside of me. There was a little bit of cramping, then a push, and a little pain.   What was happening, was Denver’s pointed penis had pushed its way inside of my cervix at the back of my vagina, and the tip was now inside of my womb!  At the time, I didn’t know what was going on, and so I started to panic a little, and I tried to push Denver off of me. His paws gripped my shoulders harder, pulling me down lower onto his penis forcing the tip to push even deeper inside.  
He growled at me, his large teeth just inches from my face!   He was not going to let me get away from his thrusting dick again!  Whatever was going on inside of my body, I was not going to be able to stop it from happening.   Denver wasn’t stopping until he ejaculated.  
Once Denver’s penis was in as deep as he could get inside of my uterus, I felt immense warmth and pressure at the entrance to my vagina!  It was those testicle things – his knot!  It was trying to push itself inside of my cunt so we would be tied together!  Then he would be sure his bitch couldn’t escape until he came.   My cunt hole felt stretched very wide, and the pain and pressure was unimaginable!  I thought losing my virginity was painful – but this was simply intolerable!  I started to push and slap Denver’s back and sides so he would get up off of me, but again, he bared his teeth at me and kept humping my cunt like a jackhammer.


In a second, it was over!  Pop!  The knot had been pushed into my vagina, and it felt like it was actually inflating inside of my cunt!  Was that possible?  We were now locked together, tied as one, while Denver took his last few pumps into my vagina.  
As he came, I felt filled so deeply inside of my body with a surprisingly hot, large amount of dog sperm.   He came and came, filling my womb and my vagina with his cum until it began to leak out around his dick from my cunt hole.   It felt warm and sticky and unlike anything I’ve ever felt.  
Denver finally stopped humping and moving, and just panted with his tongue lolling to one side of his mouth.   He released his grip on my shoulders and straddled my chest with one paw on either side of my body on the floor.   I got up onto my elbows and tried to make him get off me, but again, he growled at me.   I looked down between us, and saw we were stuck together!  His knot was still inside of my cunt, and he couldn’t get it out!   We were stuck together!  What was I going to do now?  What if my Mother came home?
I reached underneath my ass and took out the towel I used to lift my cunt up to Denver’s level so he could fuck me easier, and I wiped cum off from where our bodies remained tied.   This light milky stuff was running out of my cunt around his dick and onto the floor underneath us.   There was a lot of it. It kept running out almost as fast as I could wipe it up.   And I still felt lots more way up inside of my body.
Denver was still stuck inside of me, and he tried to pull out, but only managed to twist his body around.   Now he was facing away from me, and I had a view of his asshole and balls, which were still stuck inside my cunt!  I was trying to pull him out, and I was using the towel to sop the cum up that kept leaking out all around us.   Finally, after a few minutes, Denver’s knot had finally shrunk enough to exit my body.

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   It felt like a basketball being torn from my vagina.  
I panicked when I saw the quantity of the cum underneath me, and inside of me!  It just kept coming out, like there were gallons of it inside.   I took a corner of the towel and shoved it up inside of my now very sore cunt, to absorb as much of it as possible.   I couldn’t believe how my body had physically changed since this morning when I was still a virgin.
Denver went back to his dog bed and began to lick his dick, while I did my best to clean up the cum soaked basement floor and finally stop all of that goo that was dripping out of my body. I removed the soaking wet towel from my vagina, and mixed it in with other towels in a laundry basket waiting to be washed.
My cunt hole now felt huge when I put my fingers inside. But somehow, that made me feel grown up and sexy.   I walked over to Denver as he licked his genitals, and I patted him on the head.   He looked up at me innocently and pushed his nose up into my vagina again, and started to lick me clean as well.
I felt my knees growing weak, so I plopped myself onto the cold basement floor, while Denver had at my cunt yet again.   He lapped up every bit of cum on my thighs, stomach, and vagina, taking some extra time attending to my clit, which sent me over the edge into orgasms once more.
I slipped on my bathing suit bottoms when I was done cleaning up the basement, and I dove into the pool to get rid of any lingering scents of sex.   I felt so sexy, yet so dirty with my new experiences and with my new body. I soon found myself sticking my fingers up inside of me, playing and teasing myself, experimenting and experiencing things I’ve never felt before in my young life.


    I was no longer a virgin!  A DOG raped me!  I went back and had sex with him AGAIN!  Then he licked my cunt clean and I came again!  …And I loved it!   There is something definitely wrong with me to feel this good about such an awful thing.   At least it was SUPPOSED to be an awful thing.   But the more I thought about it, the hornier I became.  
I couldn’t believe how much I wanted to feel more cock up inside of me!  The thought of having intercourse again turned me on.   I smiled to myself, thinking of what will happen when I ask Michael Schwarz if he wants to fuck me!   I wouldn’t French Kiss him at the Halloween Party, but now I’ll fuck his brains out!  That will surely blow Michael’s mind!   I wonder if men fuck the same way dogs do? Are their dicks as big?  Is the color the same?  The black and white drawings in my Sex Ed schoolbooks were vague in detail.    Would I ever tell anyone about how I lost my Virginity? 
My thoughts were interrupted when my Mother drove up and parked her car in the driveway.   She asked me to help her unload the groceries, as she carried my baby brother and young sister in her arms.   I wrapped a towel around my waist to hide my new anatomy (could anyone see I wasn’t a virgin anymore?) and I helped Mom.   As I put the groceries away for her, she took my sister and brother upstairs to their bedrooms for a nap.
She came back shortly with a basket of soiled laundry, and was headed for the basement.   I volunteered to do the laundry for her, but she told me I’ve helped her enough today, and I should go back outside and enjoy myself in the pool.   I reluctantly agreed, and she went to the basement, and I headed outside.
After floating around in the pool daydreaming about my day again, I decided to put on some tanning lotion and stretch out on the deck to catch some rays.   I picked up the plastic tube and unscrewed the lid, but the tube just farted out a little squirt of cream, which I wiped onto my face.   I needed to get another tube of tanning lotion before I sunburned.

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I opened the door and headed downstairs into the basement, and heard my Mother saying something in a very low voice, which I barely heard above the noise of the washing machine.   I slowly walked down each stair, and my knees nearly buckled underneath me when I saw my mother sitting on a folding beach chair with her legs spread wide open with her dress hiked up over her hips! She had the bottom part of her body hanging forward off the chair, so Denver could lick her clit, cunt and asshole with his long tongue.  
She had her eyes closed in ecstasy, and murmured something encouraging to the dog, while he licked and lapped at her innermost regions.  I stood frozen at the bottom of the stairs, out of sight, but unable to stop watching!  NOW I understood why Denver knew so much about fucking and eating pussy!  Mom must have taught him because Dad is away on business so often; and she needed sex when he wasn’t around!  That also explained why she didn’t want Denver neutered!  If Daddy only knew the REAL reason! 
Mom came with some subdued moans of pleasure, and then she got up off the chair.   I didn’t know if I should turn and run outside before she caught me watching, or if I should just act like I was coming downstairs to get the new tube of tanning lotion.   But I worried for nothing, as Mom quickly turned around, and knelt on the chair, offering her backside to Denver.
He quickly began licking her asshole, and she moaned louder than she did when he was eating her pussy.   Denver jabbed his muscular tongue up her asshole, and then pulled it quickly back out, and licked her asshole on the outside rim again, making her moan.   Suddenly, Denver leaped up onto Mom’s back and started that humping motion he did with me.   But I noticed he had socks pulled onto his front paws!  She probably does that so Denver won’t leave marks on her that Dad would see and she’d have to explain!
Denver continued to hump the air while standing on his hind legs behind her with his paws on her back.   Mom reached behind her and gripped his thick red cock, pulling it toward her backside.   She guided his dick to the opening of her ass!  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!  
Denver took my virginity today, and left me with a cunt hole I could probably stick half of my hand inside of.   (…Which was something I couldn’t wait to try tonight under my covers in bed!)  I couldn’t help but to think if Denver fucks Mom’s butt with his huge dog dick, it’s going to hurt like Hell! 
As soon as Denver felt the warmth of Mom’s asshole at the tip of his penis, he plunged it in as hard as he could!   Mom let out a groan that made me jump with surprise!  Denver wrapped his paws around her waist and began pumping it in and out of her asshole faster and faster!  She moaned and purred and rolled her head around on her shoulders like it was the best feeling in the world!  I couldn’t believe she liked it!  She looked like she actually LOVED it!
Denver pumped and pumped her asshole with everything he had; his sock covered paws never losing their grip on Mom’s waist while he remained in the same hunched over position, pistoning his huge dog dick in and out of Mom’s butt! 
Her asshole looked like it was stretched as big around as my mouth if I opened it as wide as I could.   It amazed me.   I was riveted to the scene; as I’ve never seen my Mother without clothes on, and I’ve never seen ANYONE having sex before.

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    ESPECIALLY with my dog!  I started to get wet again.   I was still sore, but it felt so good when I inserted the empty tanning lotion tube up into my vagina.  
I pulled it up and down, in and out of my cunt, watching my Mother get fucked up the ass by our dog in the basement.   The tube of tanning lotion was only a little bigger around than a tube of toothpaste, and I wished it were larger.   My cunt was already stretched out by Denver.   It’s going to be a challenge to find a man to fuck me without thinking I’ve bedded a Giant before him.   I giggled at that thought, and noticed my Mother was cumming again.    She was moaning and murmuring encouraging words to Denver that I could barely hear.   I didn’t know if Mom was going to let Denver’s monster knot tie with her or not, and I wish I could have waited around to see what happened next.  
But I knew this was my only chance to get out of the basement without Mom seeing me there, so I quickly headed up the stairs and back outside; the tube of tanning lotion still up inside of my cunt.   It made me feel warm and sexy and horny, so I dove back into the pool, and yanked down my swimsuit bottoms.   I pulled and pushed the tanning lotion tube in and out of my deflowered and well-fucked cunt hole faster and faster!  The coldness of the water was an interesting and refreshing feeling as it was pushed inside of my vagina and swirled with the hot wetness of Denver’s doggy cum mixed with my own cum.   It felt incredible.
Dad is expected back from his business trip in a few days.   He usually takes Mom away for a long weekend when he returns from his trips and they leave me home to baby-sit for my brother and sister.

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    These little ‘Honeymoons’ give Mom and Dad some alone time to have sex and enjoy themselves, and to get reacquainted again after his long absences.
I’m thinking it will be a great time for Denver and I to get better acquainted again as well.   –  Story by BuccaBabe@yahoo. com



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