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Some clients do not like to deal with agencies. They prefer to contact girls directly and deal with them without intermediaries. Someone thinks that personal customer information can be leaked so they don’t want to get registered in huge or small escort agencies. It is not true. Each agency has a strict confidentiality policy which can’t be violated. Anyways, there are a lot of independent escort Moldova Republic chicks on this site. Some girls have a good portfolio, profile, professional pictures, and many permanent clients. They don’t need any agency because are successful working individually. If you are interested which is the main difference between agency models and individual girls, the answer is – nothing. All the girls are real, beautiful, and they know how to make a man happy. This category was created for those who consider this issue important. Independent escort girls in Moldova Republic demonstrate that if a charming lady wants to make a lot of men happy and get paid well, she can do it.

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