Ethnicity:European (White)
Languages: English  English English English English English
Incall    Incall: Hotel Room
Orentation: Heterosexual 
Meeting with: Men  Men    Women  Women   
Couples  Couples    Gays  Gays    2+  2+   
About me

Welcome to my secret inner world love and inspiration!

You still have chance to catch me in Istanbul!

I am incomparable combination of youth and erotic experience!

I am professional international escort. I travell all world. I am 100% independent and you speack directly with me! I very artistic and communicative person (just look at my photosession - it is my fantasies and imagination). With me you will feel like a King and dissolve in bliss. You will want to repeat it again and again.

I like positive nice gentelmen with good sense of humor and a fantastic lovers skills!

I provide exclusive high quality service. My service is excellent.

I can see what you like and do it exacty with pleasue. 

Advanced booking is greatly appreciated and highly recommended. 

The donations are for my time and companionship only and they are not negotiable. 

You will have all the necessary information for the visit and few selfie for verification. 

Abonents with messages “please discount“, “a have no money”, “send video”, “please please please”, “common” BLOCKED immediately. Please respect my time and thanks for understanding!

For RESERVATION please send me exact TIME START/END and SERVICE in one message! I appreciate brevity! 

if you want a dress code, then send me a photo from my profile or from the internet for an example and I will try to create a similar style for you!

I have the right to refuse to meet without explaining the reasons


*may change, make a booking to fix, to be first!



30min 600 (gfe, pse, kissing, all positions, 69, King’s oral, bj, cim, deepthroat, facefucking)
1h 950 (gfe, pse, shower, kissing, all positions, 69, bj, King’s oral, cim, deepthroat, facefucking, multiple shots)
90min 1500
2h 1800

Outcall (22:00 or later possible)

2h 2000 + your uber (impossible pickup your car)
3h 2500 + your uber 

**after 00:00 +25%


A-level +400
cof show (your noble sperm on my happy face) +150
swallow show (I open my mouth, smile and swallow your noble sperm with pleasure) +150
rimming +350
lick and suck your Royal feet +250
tear clothes on me +250
panties with my smell 250 for 1
golden shower on my body and face +350 (bathroom only)
golden shower on you body, face with licking +350 (bathroom only)
toys +350 (your toys, bottle wine)


ROLEPLAY* +650 (for 1 game)

photo/video +650


code red (menstrual) +1000
golden shower with drink +2500 (bathroom only)
brown shower for you/for me +3000 (photo brown shower you can find on my personal web. Bathroon only)


to be plate for food on you bachelor/party/birthday 1h 3000
Bang-Bang  1h 5000 (2-15 person)

**golden and diamond have priority 

Please do not over stay our date. If you would like to extend our time, please ask me if I have additional time available and provide additional donation for the time you would like to spend.

Example for ROLEPLAY SCRIPTS (more scripts, no censored gallery and extrim service look on my personal web)

Would you like play? Let's make your fantasy real!*

 *All games presented here are scenarios without causing damage to the actors. I don't provide service BDSM, don't accept and don't hurt.


Some scenarios may cause discomfort for your morals. If you have a sensitive psyche or strict morality, then enjoy the standard service and stop reading here.

Please continue reading if you agree that your morals feelings may be hurt

Effect of role-playing games:

- positive emotions, good mood, new expierense

- progress for your self-esteem, confidence, sexuality, charm

- progress for communication with people (relatives, colleagues and others)

- your imagination turns on and you have genius solutions for your life




Sleeping girl

I sleep well  in my bed in simple panties and T-short under blanket. You quietly enter my bedroom and  join to me. My sleep is very strong and I don't wake up. You do with my body what you want. Then you put on my panties and T-shirt on my body and go away. When I wake up, I tell you that I had a strange dream. I'm confused. So strange ! What could it be?  


Dead bride

Especially for fans of movie producer Tim Burton. I am a dead bride. I am beautiful and cold. I am in a white wedding dress, and around me there are flowers, wreaths and candles. You have come to enjoy my cold lifeless body. 




Innocent girl

I'm school girl. I am embarassing and shy. I never do this before, but  some girls from my class have already tried this. I am very afraid, but I want you to deprive me of virginity.  




Maniac Rapist 

You are a rapist. I'm your victim. I run away from you, but you catch up with me. You hold me tight and tear off my clothes. You threw me on the bed and crushed me with your heavy body. I resist with all my might. I ask you to let me go. My requests and resistances, on the contrary, stimulate your desire. You stuffed my panties in my mouth and fuck me hard.  


Lora Palmer and Bob

Especially for fans of the movie and TV series Twin Peaks. Fire walk with me. Produced by David Lynch. I am a schoolgirl - Laura Palmer, you - the evil spirit of Bob, who moved into my father Leland. You come to me every night.




Wild Amazon

I am a wild strong Amazon, and you are a weak man from a local Aboriginal tribe. When you saw me, I was resting on the grass and smiled at you, then I treated you to fruit, then I kissed you. Then I made you my prisoner. Now you are my prisoner. You are my prey. First I'll put a collar around your neck, tie you up, put a rag in your mouth, and put a bandage on your eyes. Then I put on the base of the penis so that he stands, put on a condom and then I'll rape you until I feel complete satisfaction.    




School girl and teacher

I'm a schoolgirl. You are a teacher. I have problems with my studies. I'm so young and sweet. Today you left me for extra classes to teach me.



Your favorite movie

Especially for fans. Send me a script, bring clothes for me and for you. We will be the heroes of your favorite movie. Become a director and actor at the same time.


Your imagination 

Create and send me your unique script. Bring costumes and accessories for me and yourself. Become a producer of your picture for your collections.



Crazy cooker. Sperm yogurt !!!NEW!!!

You cum in my mouth, I spit out your sperm on a plate. Then you feed me your yogurt with a little spoon


Animal fetish

I am your cat / doggy / bunny / leopard. You are at work all day, and I miss you at home. I am glad you come and wait for you to feed me with your sperm. First you cum in my mouth, I spit the sperm on the plate. Then I will drink your cum from the plate. Bring with you a new anal toy with a tail from the sex shop. This will make the game interesting.


Crazy cooker 2. Glass of wine with sperm

You have cum in my mouh, I keep your sperm and spit into a wine glass. I say a wonderful toast and with pleasure I drink your cum from a glass to the bottom!


*All games presented here are scenarios without causing damage to the actors. I don't provide service BDSM, don't accept and don't hurt.

MORE SCRIPTS, NO CENSORED GALLERY an EXTRIM service look on my personal WEB (in my advance open Tab Contact -> web site)

No gratuities are ever expected, but for if you would like to surprise me with a gift then please feel free to ask or get inspiration from my wish list.

WISH LIST (it is not equivalent for my service)

- jewelry made of gold and diamonds
- building materials, white marble, beige, gray marble
- set of Turkish crystal tea cups, Turkish service and dishes
- Turkish textiles: bedspread and bed linen, elegant curtains and tulle with Turkish ornaments
- wooden furniture in classic style: chairs, tables, upholstered furniture
- lamps and chandeliers in classic style
- beautiful Turkish carpets
- oil paintings (nature, female figure, still life)
- devices for meditation (beads made of stone, pillows, mats)
- photo shoot in Turkish folk clothes or in the style of a harem in your studio/residence and your dress (only TFP conditions - time for portfolio

P.S. people write me comments because they love my exclusive service. I have no discounts for comments


Base city:Istanbul 

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  • OliverQueen Post date: 2019-03-15
    Meeting dateDurationCityLooksServicesComunication
    2019-03-12 60 min Istanbul
    : 9.0
    : 10.0
    : 10.0
    With tongue
    Without condom
    Yes, swallow
    Multiple times allowed
    Real picture
    Tek kelimeyle harikaydı. Fiyat performans oranı muazzam. Yazılan çizilen bütün servisler, hizmetler mevcut. İyi niyetli ve güleryüzlü bir kız, tavsiye ederim kesinlikle!

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