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About me

Hello gentlemen !I am pleased to introduce myself to you,
I am the Queen playboy's world of the exclusive escort
I pay heed to enjoy, indulge, pamper and to be pampered.
I visit the most pretty places in the world, in the calendar you will be able to see where I situated at this time, maybe you reach your luck and we will be able to meet really soon.
Do you Need a Spouse Representation to an event?
Would you be Interested for me to arrive at your hotel room?
Did you have a hard day at work?
Do you Want to go out with me on a holiday?
This is the time to praise to yourself it is a change of atmosphere.
If you are a real gentleman I will be happy to hear from you soon.
We can go out to the insane pastime or to be pampered in a calm evening.
What is for sure, is that I do not concede from my high heeled shoes.
Do you Want to have me for an unforgettable pastime?

I appreciate a generous gentleman that will be interested to spend time at a high quality enjoyable evening.
Attractive and intelligent both at the same time.
Nevertheless, I choose carefully with whom I spend my time with.
If I will choose you, don't accuse me of falling in love with me.
I love what I do andI relate in all seriousness to what I offer.
There are things that are forbidden to accelerate,
quality requires its time, just as good wine doesnt mature in one hour.
To spend a high quality enjoyable evening together we shell need at least 3 hours.
This is not only my profession - that is a complete way of life.
I am bound to enjoy my time with you, just as you are with me.
This can take place only if we will dedicate time one to another.
You can talk with me in English, Russian and of course in the international language of touch.
You Want to know where I come from? Guess.
It seems to me that it will be nicer if you get to know me a little before we meet,
so you will have a batter chance to charm me.

I am Effeminate, sexy, attractive, good looking,
a woman of conversation, I enjoy devoting attention, hedonist, a dancer, know how to have fun, love to laugh
and could enjoy a new challenge.

In my free time I enjoy to be pampered in a hot bath with aromatic oils.
what makes me happy is a Compliment from a gentleman, flowers and a good time.
what i love drinking the most is Feigling Sour, Irish cream,red and white wine,chocolate liqueur and exotic cocktails .
My favorite cigarette is vogue.
I love to eat Sushi,oriental and spicy food
I love listening to music such as: progressive, techno, jazz, French chansons
MY favorite particular clothing: Dresses, lingerie and high heeled shoes.
I'd love to visitEurope, Japan,Brazil,Colombia,India...

Base city:Sydney 

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