Ethnicity:European (White)
Languages: English  English English English English English
Orientation: Bisexual 
Meeting with: Men  Men    Women  Women   
Couples  Couples   
About me
I was born in an old intellectual family in a beautiful September day. Growing up I was in a constant journey of finding myself and therefore I was experimenting and trying to test my limits, expecially intelectual ones. There is nothing more exciting than putting your mind to edge, trying to discover and understand things that other take for granted or simply ignore. So, here I am today, trying to combine everything I know, love, like and I am good at , to merge all that together into someone that I hope you would like to meet. I know that you want some technical details about me as well, so here they are: I am 26 y.o, dark blonde, long hair, green eyes, white skin, slim- 47 kg, 165 cm in height (5.5) of Geman-Hungarian-Romanian heritage, fluent in English, a very active person, fit, energic, open minded, having a lot of common sense, honest and straightforward., decent and elegant.
I am available for a minimum 2 days traveling in Europe. For other destinations, please, ask

Base city:Luxembourg City 

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