Sprachen: English 
In–call    Verlassen
Orientierung: Heterosexual 
Treffen mit: Männer  Männer    Frauen  Frauen   
Pärchen  Pärchen   
Über mich
Natalia is friendly, kind, communicative with a nice sense of humor. She likes to travel to new places, meet new people. Very optimistic, she tries to get along with every one and dislikes conflict. She hates stereotypes and enjoys a more active way of life. In the private moments, she appreciates the softer, more caring approach.


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  • RobertDesRoses Poststempel: 2009-02-10
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    2009-02-07 2 days Brussels
    : 9.0
    : 9.0
    : 9.0
    Sperma im Mund
    With tongue
    Yes, swallows
    Multiple times allowed
    Real picture
    After my adventures with Tereza (see other review) I wanted a second round of fun. So I tried to arrange a second meeting, had to cancel it, arranged myself that I could see her anyway to find out that she wasn’t available anymore. A bit overconfident I even had already booked a ticket … .
    Like always, they (the agency) suggested to send someone else and since this time I had somehow provoked the problem myself, I followed them in it. But I wanted another sporty spice.
    Natalia has a big smiley and young face, beautiful brown curly hair, very fit and slim body, o.k. boobies not so big.
    Natalia is very open, very spontaneous, laughing and smiling a lot. Her English has a wide vocabulary, often understanding the layer underneath. Also, she is way more physical, holding hands while walking to the car, giving me surprise-hugs, all that cool girlfriend stuff.

    Very slim, bronzed, smaller kind of breast, nice legs with not a single sign of fat on it. Nicely muscled calves, beautiful ass.
    According to her description she likes soft sex. (Yeah, right.) Well I like the Czech version of soft. Going down on her first, and ten minutes later pounding all the accumulated tensions away. She is a very responsive lover, arms, legs, she’s all over you. Cramming you inside of her. (…)

    That same evening, after resto, just asked for BBBJTC (but I didn’t think she would be delivering, notwithstanding the info of the agency). No hands, honey. Believe me, sensational experience, very nice build-up … . Can I? If you want so, honey. She swallowed it away, drank from her cava, gave me a kiss, pushed me down and gave my supersensitive fellow an “après”-CIM-treatment.
    Natalia gives a lot of extras, a lot of caressing or just talking while lying in your arms. Starting to tickle you in the morning, kind of pampering each other.

    To me Natalia is a little bit shallow in life, more tempted by glitter and luxury, than again she actually is very funny, open and spontaneous. Very beautiful face and slim body (a smile in which you drown), dazzling sent. She needs the soft touch tough, the gallantry. Don’t throw her against the wall and try to bang her, it won’t work, but work her/yourself into it softly and gently and than she’ll do whatever you want to do. She is a very active submissive lover, literally clinging on you. Her oral skills are very nice, without pushing it (asking for it), she gave me each day a CIM & swallow, she enjoys that you’re enjoying it. However, she is not the girl that suddenly takes over and surprises you, unless for the girlfriend hugging and kissing stuff.

    Strongly recommended, already made plans for a return visit.