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Brithany is the embodiment of elegance and sophistication. She is blessed with a gorgeous body of absolutely perfect measurements everywhere you look. A gifted artist, Natasha has embellished many of her friends with her exquisite watercolors, testament of her passion and talent.


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  • RobertDesRoses Poststempel: 2009-01-29
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    2008-01-15 4 hours London
    : 7.0
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    With tongue
    Yes, spits it out
    Multiple times allowed
    Real picture
    A guess there is a reason why the pictures (not super recent, but still valid) are always cut halfway the face. But she is not ugly, somewhere between a normal girl and a pretty girl. It depends of your taste of course, but she clearly takes care of her self physically. So even if she is not your type she would still try to present her on her prettiest, definitely not sleazy.

    The body speaks for itself. Breast i've never seen before, and probably never will again. Perfect. She does quite some fitness, those abs made me blush.

    She was in for a talk but she made it quite clear that she could start any time, she clearly said that she didn't want to give me the feeling that she was trying to win time. Anyway, in between, she tried to talk as much as she can to interact. She is not the witty, funny girl though, but she will interact with you, no problems there.
    She has a small mouth, making it sometimes uncomfortable to kiss, than again, it opens some options orally, however it didn't push it there. CIM was no probs ("if you want"). When you wanted again, no probs, even if I couldn't really make her enjoy it as I'm not a very skilled lover. (Luckily she didn't try to fake it, I appreciated that.)

    Maybe that's why, when I was dressing myself again (with some time left), she quickly went in the bathroom to prepare herself for a next meeting ... . That explains the rating for performance: she will do everything you want, the way you want it, but you will always feel you are with an escort.

    Looks (body = 10; face = 7) = 7,5 (I consider the face to be very important.)

    Involving anal. It was communicated that she does it, but i didn't ask her to do it. As everything else was communicated correctly, I assume this would be correct as well.

    Recommend, will not return.