Strip Poker with my Mother 2 (Truth or Dare)


"How about we play another game?" I asked. "What game?""'Truth or Dare'?""Oh, that brings me back," she laughed.
She sat crosslegged, breasts dropping slightly, giving me a perfect view of her pussy. She played with the hair around it, leaving her pussy lips to just barely peak through.  
"Sure, let's go for it. Truth or dare?""Truth," I answered cautiously. I was too frightened to make the first sexual move, even though it seemed to be quite clear from our previous game that she wanted me to. "Okay, wimp, I got a question for ya. Do you think of me often when you masturbate?""Yes. All the time. ""Really?""Yes, Mom. ""Ah, that's sweet," she smiled and blushed. "I sometimes think of you when I'm fucking your father, to be honest. "I smiled, shocked and excited. "Truth or dare?""Dare," she said with confidence. I thought.

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   I knew exactly what I wanted- my mother's sweet pussy. But I didn't have the courage, and I knew that I couldn't just go right to it. "Will you, uh, will you su-, uh,""Say it," she stared at my eyes and I looked down. "Blow me. "
She pounced up from her sitting position and pushed me back onto the bed. I looked down at her and her eyes looked right back. "Just wait," she said smokily. She looked so sexy in her crouching position. She started with her mouth near my chest and breathed heavily on my skin, grazing my body with her lips. Her salvating mouth inched closer to my cock, her lips began to kiss harder on my abdomen and navel, and my dick began to pulse with anticipation.
My mother's mouth finally made it to my throbbing and eager dick. She looked up at me and smiled, then my prick disappeared in her mouth. Her toungue swirled around my head, and she took the whole thing in and out, sucking deep and hard. She plopped my cock out with a pop, and brought her face down to my testicles. My mother sucked one in her mouth, then began to ferociously lick them both, then up and down my shaft.

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   She licked from head to balls. Her mouth again encompassed my entire shaft and it was too much for me-- I came down her throat and she sucked my shaft dry. "Wow!" I exclaimed, gasping for a decent breath. "Thanks, Mom!"She smiled and giggled, "Any time, sweety. Your father loves it when I do that to him. ""I bet," I said, still catching my breath. "Where- where were we?"
She smiled and gave me a moment to catch my breath and regain my energy.  
"Truth or dare?" she grinned. "Dare," I said, with an understandable boost of confidence. "Eat me out!" she demanded.
 I grabbed her my her underarms and tossed her on the bed. I dove head first through her thighs into her sweet snatch. I made my way past the hair with my tounge and dug into her pussy, which graciously opened up, already sobbing wet. I licked all around her lips in circles and did as she instructed, when to go faster and slower, or in which direction. Soon enough I found her clit and continued my instructions, being more gently with it.

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In a few minutes, she grasped my hair with her fingers and curled her toes and shoved my faced into her juices and she came all over my face, her cum tasted like something I cannot describe to this day.
"Oh, Sam!" she screamed as she rode my face into exhaustion.
We layed there completely wiped out, falling asleep in eachother's arms.
We both woked up to a knocking at the door. "Shit!" my mother said in a loud whisper. "That must be your father and brother! Quick, get some clothes on and go let them in, I'm going to go take a shower. "
I let them in and asked what took so long. "Oh," I said, hopefully not sounding too surprised, "uh, Mom is taking a shower and I fell asleep watching the TV. ""Oh, alright then," my dad said forgivingly. "Why are you guys back? It's only 10:45. ""There were these annoying brats in the pool and they kept whining. Stupid fucking parents don't know how to raise their kids. ""Watch you mouth, Adam!" my Dad scolded him. "Sorry. I meant 'freaking'.

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  ""Mmhmm. Anyway, Adam and I are gonna call it a day. We are wiped out from all those laps. Tell your mother we said 'Goodnight. ' I doubt we'll make it to when she comes out. ""Okay, will do. I'm gonna go to the bathroom. Goodnight. "
 I knocked on the bathroom door. "Ma, I have to use the bathroom. ""Okay, Honey," she shouted over the water, "Come on in. " I opened the door and walked in. She whipped open the shower curtain, pulled off my shirt and boxers, and pulled me in. "Shh," she instructed and kissed me, wrapping her legs around mine. "What'd they say?""They are going to sleep now.

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   They left early. The pool's still open for, like, half hour. ""Excellent," she smiled. "Get out, get dry, and wait for me in here. I won't be long. ""Okay, why?""We're gonna go for a swim-- but we aren't telling those two. ""There's only half an hour til it closes though!""I know, sweets, we are gonna hide in the bathroom til they lock the door. It will be perfect. We can have the whole pool to ourselves. ""Awesome, great idea. ""Oh, and sweety? Don't bother bringing your suit. "
To be continued. . .  



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