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Brandi Mae

Раса:European (White)
Цвет волос:Brown
Цвет глаз:Green
Киска:Shaved completely
Язык(и): English  English English English English English
У себя    Выезд: Hotel & Home Visits
Ориентация: Bisexual 
Встреча с: Мужчиной  Мужчиной    Женщиной  Женщиной   
Парой  Парой   
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I'm BDSM/Fetish

Обо мне

I am FBB, Adult Model/Actress Brandi Mae, a sophisticated very sexy muscular woman. I know you want to see me flex my big strong biceps, chest, quads, triceps and abs.Whats so great about me is I am so seductive and feminine, but so strong and powerful too. While I flex my toned body smiling at you, I will tease and flirt with you. I get turned on knowing you are watching. If a muscular ass is your thing, I am your girl. My ass is one of my many sexy features, it is big beautiful and hard as a rock. Obviously all my hard work in the gym pays off. If you are looking to worship some sexy strong muscles, then you have to meet me. My body looks stunning and it looks even hotter in person. I get down to business with no time wasted and am ready to give you quite a sexy experience.

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Скандинавия Средний Восток
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Base country:USA 
Город:Las Vegas 
Телефон:2818498354 (никаких скрытых номеров, СМС только) 
Инструкция:SMS only 
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