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Ethnicity:European (White)
Pubic hair:Shaved completely
Languages: English 
Incall    Outcall: Hotel & Home Visits
Orientation: Bisexual 
Meeting with: Men  Men    Women  Women   
Couples  Couples   

About me

Like a sun shining a happy girl full of joy in life. An optimist. Very attractive, sensual and strong erotic based. She is capable of deep passion. She has a strong, mysterious and irr esistible aura. She is able to give the day the swing. She spreads around herself a joyful atmosphere and is endowed with inexhaustible and contagious optimism. She expresses her feelings straightforward and unambiguously. She needs a lot of attention and likes being pampered. She is very independent and she goes her way. She often wants everything faster than the others. She has a good sense for the right moment. She is spontaneous, courageous and acts on the basis of emotion. She loves openness, freedom and tolerance. She likes experimenting and traveling. She seeks for higher values. She trusts herself. She is able to feel the others deeply and to understand them almost without words. Her joy and vitality can help others find new life energy and courage. Unless you do not restrict her freedom and are tolerant, you will be rewarded with great devotion and dedication by her.

USA Eastern Europe
Canada Australia
Caribbean Asia
Latin America Africa
Scandinavia Middle East
Western Europe   
Base country:Czech Republic 
Base city:Prague 
Base city zone:Prague1 
Phone:+420777566756 (no hidden phone, SMS & Calls) (Viber, WhatsApp) 
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